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Comment Re:LyX (Score 1) 823

It's only a misuse if you can show that it was used *originally* in a different manner. This is the argument used against "oxymoron." Supposedly "smart moron" was originally used to mean something completely different. Can this guy demonstrate that "steep learning curve" was ever used to mean easy and not hard? Looking at Webster's New Collegiate, the last and presumably most recent entry for steep is 4: "difficult to accept, meet, or perform." Clearly, this was the original meaning of the term. Why does this guy think it's wrong?

Comment Re:Assuming... (Score 1) 600

Just to put another spin on this: There is a long-term cometary-meteoric cycle whose current period is somewhere around 105 years, the last two events of which were the fall of 3000 meteorites at L'Aigle in Normandy on April 26, 1803, and the event at Tunguska, Siberia, on June 30, 1908. That would put the next event toward late August, 2013. End of the world? Probably not. Big surprise if a piece of it lands on New York City? Definitely. Did the Mayans have this particular cycle in mind when they drew up their calendar? Your guess is as good as mine. For all the data, see here:

Comment Re:"Papers Please" (Score 2, Insightful) 537

I point out the most blatant inconsistency in the entire 9-11 cover story and I become "an idiot" in the eyes of those who confuse advanced degrees with real science. Whether or not you think, or believe, or doubt, or reject outright that WTC7 was demolished, it was necessary on a purely scientific level to look for explosives. That would have been the scientific thing to do. SCIENCE DOES NOT ASSUME ITS CONCLUSIONS. If knowing that makes me an "idiot," then we need a few more "idiots" in this world and a few less smart guys like you, sir.

Comment Re:"Papers Please" (Score 1, Interesting) 537

Let's see, WTC 7 comes down in a manner that looks for all the world like a controlled demolition and the "scientists" investigating the event don't bother to look for explosives? And I'm supposed to accept the official government line that 19 Arabs, some of whom are still alive and flying for Saudi Airlines, really did it? At this point, how many years into the Iraq Oil War, anybody who takes any of this nonsense seriously just isn't paying attention. So what are these characters at NIST? Are they idiots? Incompetents? Accomplices after the fact? Just scared shitless that they're going to be murdered if they do a real investigation? This whole case stinks so bad, I would have to see some hard evidence that anyone on any of those four airplanes had ever even looked a photograph of Saudi Arabia. If there was any hard evidence, they would have tripped over themselves to show it to us already. There is none.

Comment Re:Hypotheticals to muse upon (Score 1) 369

Explanation for this gap? Do you not understand that not every dead body is fossilized? That not one body in a hundred is fossilized? That not one body in 1,000,000 is fossilized? It's a crap shoot really. Sometimes you get lucky. I'd say that for a random occurrence this latest discovery is extraordinarily lucky and you should be thankful for the light it sheds on your origins. When's the last time you saw a fossil of the intermediary step between wild corn and modern corn? Do you not, therefore, believe in corn on the cob?

Comment Re:Science (Score 1) 369

Keep in mind that this common ancestor most likely didn't walk on two legs, wasn't hairless, and probably couldn't control its breathing, making it impossible to either talk or swim. So, yes, chimps certainly must have evolved somewhat, but not as much as humans and not in anything resembling the same direction. Therefore, this common ancestor was an ape (not a "monkey" as some insist on suggesting), though not a "modern" ape.

Also, no one seems to have pointed out, this creature bears a strong resemblance to modern yeti/sasquatch/bigfoot sightings.

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