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Comment Re:Since when is THAT a crime? (Score 2, Funny) 138

I'm sorry, but you lost me at, "If Hollywood has taught me anything about the Judiciary system," Because if Hollywood has taught me anything about the judicial system, it's that attorneys in criminal courts are people who are better looking than people you meet in real life, crime scene videos are infinitely zoomable so you can see the killer's microscopic tattoos, that judges like you to give a mini-criminal procedure lecture every time you make an objection, and that juries are actually impressed by grandstanding.

Comment Use it as a media viewer (Score 1) 416

I have all my music, movies and TV shows on a Linux server running TwonkyMedia which streams them. As long as the audio and video are encoded in a format that the 360 can decode, the 360 can see your TwonkyMedia server and play anything from it. I have a PS3 as well as a 360 Elite and both work excellently as a media center for Twonky. I actually play games on the PS3 as well and am looking to sell my 360.

Comment Could it be Attention Deficit Disorder? (Score 1) 601

A lot of developers suffer from ADD. Like right now I'm reading /. instead of working on updating some technical specifications.

ADD impacts you when the task seems overwhelming or requires too much thought. Instead of working on it, you'll find something else to do to keep busy.

Now you can get diagnoses by a doctor and start taking the pills and that's supposed to help.

The other thing to do is to try to break it down into smaller tasks that you can focus on without getting bored. Obviously this works better if you have someone who can help with this.

I have the same problem, I have something I want to do, know what I want to do, am really excited by it, but can't focus on it.

Comment It's funny (Score 1) 526

Prior to 2003, Orin Hatch was frequently heralded here on /. as a great defender of consumer rights because he was always bashing on Hilary Rosen.

Then suddenly when they replaced Rosen with Mitch Bainwol, Hatch changed his tune. Now he was the greatest champion of everything the RIAA asked for.

One only needs to look up the political affiliations of Rosen and Bainwol to understand why. :-)

The Internet

Using the Internet To Subvert Democracy 202

david_adams writes "All the recent talk about various polls and elections being pranked or hijacked, serious and silly alike, prompted me to write an article about the technical realities behind online polling, and the political fallout of ever becoming subject to online voting for serious elections. Even if we were to be able to limit voting to legitimate, legal voters, the realities of social networking and the rise of Internet-based movements would dramatically alter the political landscape if online voting were to become commonplace."

Comment I don't find this to be true (Score 1) 858

I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 that is three years old, it was loaded with the fastest processor, most memory, 7200 rpm harddrive, x1300 video card, best LCD screen(15" 1680x1050). I love the machine.

Looking on ebay, it appears I could get around $400 selling it now.

Ok, so I looked up similar vintage MacBook Pro, looks like they sell for $1000.

But here's the thing. I looked at the MBP, and at the time for the same configuration it was $2400. My Dell was $1200.

$2400-1000 = $1400
$1200-400 = 800.

Yeah, my Dell wasn't quite comparable to the Mac... not as fast of video, heavier, etc. But it did what I needed. So I agree with the original point that if you price out what you need you can get a cheaper machine and I don't think resale makes up for the difference.

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