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Comment Re:I'll Jump (Score 1) 709

Minors have the responsibility not to kill themselves. Minors have the responsibility to use the formal means available to report things they cannot handle. Tragic as it is, it appears that the young girl did not succeed at either. There are no formal records of this harrasment at the school, as would be the case if it had been raised by the girl or her mother. Certainly no such records exist with the police. I suppose we could make these things the responsibility of the supervisors (a horrid idea), but this seems to be an impossilbe responsibility. "Don't kill yourself" and "report things you can't handle to the authorities" are basic tasks of a functional human. The tragedy here is that this girl was not equipped to be a functional human.

Comment Re:I'll Jump (Score 1) 709

I certainly agree that we have laws enough to deal with this sort of behavior, in so far as it is necessary to criminalize the cruelty of highschoolers. However, while they are not being charged legeally with her death, "9 MA Cyberbullies Indicted for Causing Suicide" seems to indicate that they are certainly being blamed for her actions. Indeed, I believe the only reason this litany of charges is being handed down for these actions is due to the suicide. If this were handled rationally, by the girl or her parrents making a formal complaint to the school, it is doubtful any criminal charges would be filed. I believe the only reason the accused, while certainly unsavory children, are "twisted sadists" and not "cruel highschoolers" is that the girl chose to hang herself.
I am not defending the actions of these bullies. I think they're shameful and cruel. However, the bullies are charged with nothing more physically brutal than throwing a can of soda at the girl. They are not responsible for her death.

Comment Re:This sends a terrible message to victims (Score 0, Flamebait) 709

This is just going to make suicide look like a more attractive option to targets of bullying

Yes. All the sympathy, compasion and righteous anger is, not without reason, for the girl. It is likely that those who yearn for sympathy, compasion and someone to defend them will now see killing themselves as a possible avenue to gain these rewards. It is a shame that none of the blame for the girls death seems to be directed at the person who put a noose around her neck and hung her.

Comment I'll Jump (Score 1) 709

While certainly it is a tragedy that this girl has killed herself, and certainly any criminal activity related should be punished, is it really appropriate to hold others responsible for her choice to kill herself? She was called names constantly. People posted insults online relentlessly. Her books were knocked from her hands. High school seniors took advantage of her and had consenting sex with her while she was the age of consent for her state. Most, directly, violent of all, she had a can of Red Bull thrown at her, though it might not have hit her. Certainly, if these were observed or reported, the staff of the school had an obligation to mete out punishments and restraints. However, is there a reasonable expectation that these, even if a regular pattern over the course of four months, lead to someone killing themselves? Is it equally likely that, for whatever reason, this young lady simply did not have the emotional tools to manage the sort of abuse that is frequently dealt in high school?
Perhaps my experience as a fat, bowlegged, dork in high school has inured me to the torments of others. Personally, I just skipped school when I didn't want to go. Worked just fine, until I got sent to in school detention, which was conveniently I can't really complain there either. To me, the logical consequence of school being a place of torment is that the person just not go when it gets to be too much. If going someplace makes you feel like killing yourself, don't go there. Facebook make you feel like dying? Don't click the Facebook link.
Do we now hold people responsible for another person's actions? Do you want a world where your negative online comments, no matter how vile, can land you in prison because someone else does not have the emotional tools to deal with, or avoid, your vitriol...or what they PERCIEVE as vitriol? Imagine the consequences, manipulations, and abuses that flow from this. Is the suicide a tragedy? Yes, but even as we are certain to punish highschoolers for their cruel behavior, let us keep in mind who chose to kill this girl.

Comment Re:Statutory rape? (Score 1) 709

It is likely the statutory rape charges are related to her dating a high school senior of age 17 or older. I do not have the details, but it appears the ages of the charged persons are 17 and 18. It may be outside the law for them to have sex with a freshman, but I seriously doubt it is far outside of normal behavior.

Comment Re:Dear Liberty (Score 1) 2044

Dear The People,

I tried to explain this to you time and time again, but I never loved you unconditionally. I expected things of you. You were supposed to take care of your self. I always wanted you to do more than just survive, but you couldn't even do that on your own.


Comment An Odd Endorsement... (Score 1) 2044

It appears that the majority of /. endorses a solution that has not been subjected to a thorough code review, which they will have little personal ability to modify for their own use, be required to use in specific ways, will appropriate their system resources even if it is not running, has not been subjected to testing, without any readily available ability to rollback.

Comment My Experience (Score 1) 2044

I have a genetic disorder that requires metabolic and orthopedic treatment, AKA a pre-existing condition. I've never been denied insurance. I've never been denied care. My costs are reasonable, about $600/year for my portion of the plan my employer provides. My out of pocket for my first hip replacement will be about $4000. I have no fear that the current system will provide me with access to additional replacements as these wear out. I'm optimistic that new technology will come about under the current system that will continue to improve on the quality of my care. I have access to specialist care as I desire. I use the current system. It works for me. It works for me with my pre-existing condition. It worked for me when I was in a car accident. It works for my friend with high blood pressure. It worked for my nephew who had a complicated birth, and for his mother. It works for my wife's grandfather who is alive due to heart surgery. My grandfather fell off a roof and broke his back at 70, then lived another spry 15 years in good health because the current system worked.
Heart surgery, childbirth complications, broken backs, hip replacements...none of these have bankrupted us. We are not weighed down by the burden of the cost of our insurance. So, adjust things incrementally if you like. Let a state or two try it out and see what happens. However, you will pardon me if a sweeping comprehensive rewrite of the current health care system is something I do not embrace. The government has undertaken to radically change the system that has provided good care and life saving medicine to myself and my family. I remain unconvinced. I do not need this. I do not want this.

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