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Journal Journal: Google Wave Invites? 2

I sure don't have any of those, but I'd like one hint hint. Thought I signed up early enough to get an invite but my Inbox is sorely missing them.

Comment Re:Unlimited Calling (Score 1) 106

for the few people I dial internationally fairly frequently I added them as GV - Bob for example then put the number as my GV number followed by a p for pause then my pin and another p then 2, then another p then the number and pound sign.
like this:
It dials the whole thing automatically

Comment Re:Um... (Score 1) 3

Thanks, that's a decent attempt at talking me out of it :) If you put boxee on it you can add your own torrent feeds and have it serve up whatever media you can find online. My main use for it would be to brainwash the kids with Swedish cartoons because my region free dvd player just died, and converting and burning stuff is a hassle anyway. Apple's site has refurb ones for $259 USD (for the 40GB version).
Technology (Apple)

Journal Journal: Apple TV (to put Boxee on) 3

I'm trying really hard not to buy one and I need to hear from someone who has one to tell me that it sucks and that I should by no means get one.

Submission + - Company flashes personal aircraft, future jetpack (networkworld.com)

coondoggie writes: "German researchers this week showed off their Gryphon personal strap-on jet wing that lets the pilot scream through the air at about 135MPH. The Gryphon features a six-foot wing and hand-held rotary controls for the rudder. The system includes onboard oxygen and helmet that features a heads-up display. Researchers say the final version of the flying wing will contain an electronic system that will take care of some of the steering for the pilot which today can be a little tricky, researchers say. The company also plans to add small jets to the wing making it a true jetpack in the future. http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/19485"

Submission + - The GIMP UI Redesign

sekra writes: The GIMP UI Redesign Team has created a blog to collect ideas for a new design of the most popular image manipulation program. Everyone is free to submit suggestions to be published in the blog. Will a new GUI finally get more users to choose The GIMP as their program of choice?

Submission + - Using Salt Water as Fuel (post-gazette.com)

MoronBob writes: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that an Erie Pennsylvania man has invented a machine capable of extracting and igniting hydrogen from salt water using a radio-frequency generator. From the article: "John Kanzius, a Washington County native, tried to desalinate seawater with a generator he developed to treat cancer, and it caused a flash in the test tube. Within days, he had the salt water in the test tube burning like a candle, as long as it was exposed to radio frequencies."

Submission + - Best language for an occasional programmer?

the_womble writes: "I am never going to be a developer, but I write a little bit of code occasionally. A simple CMS written in TCL a few years ago, a few Wordpress plugins, things like that. I am now thinking of more ambitious projects.

I am most interested in websites and CMSs, but it would be useful to be able to whip up a simple GUI as well. What languages and tools should I learn. Programming only occasionally needs a language with a clear syntax and a small core language — so I do not forget it all between times. Development tools also need to be simple. Libraries need to be well documented. Finally, it should be fun to work with.

So, what should I learn? My own research has not got me further than "Ruby and Scheme look nice". What do you think?"
Wireless Networking

Submission + - etiquette for stealing wireless

nathandbos writes: "How rude is it to use a neighbor's open wireless access point without permission? I'm staying at my in-laws over the holidays and they don't have a reliable broadband connection. So I've been using an open connection that presumably belongs to one of the neighbors, although I don't know which one. It could be one of seven houses in the vicinity, and I really don't feel like knocking on all of their doors to ask a question most of them wouldn't understand. I don't know any way to figure out who they are electronically.

So I'm just wondering, how much of a social affront is this? I'll propose a bad-neighbor scale that runs from:

1= turning around in neighbor's driveway after 11PM

6= failing to pick up dog poo on their lawn

10= running off with spouse

Where on this scale is using an open wireless connection?"

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