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Comment Re:one way around this... (Score 1) 189

The insight about incorporating is interesting, and given the facts of the situation, might not be a bad idea.

To your other point:
>The number one thing you should not expect about doing science, at any level, is that it will be cheap, quick or lean. When it comes to science those words mean the same thing as "violating environmental and safety law" or simply doing a piss-poor job.

THIS is what's unfortunate. The point of the article (IMO) was to lament the state of things that law-abiding citizens aren't able to get chemicals once thought reasonable to acquire.

Comment Re:What's Jolla? What's Sailfish? (Score 1) 118

"Jolla CEO Tomi Pienimäki": Hmm. Jolla must be a corporation. Who the fuck knows where it's from? Startups generate names from a version of scrabble with added "ly" and "io" pieces.

"If Jolla truly is compatible with Android devices...": Wait just a second, if I read this first, I'd think Jolla is a piece of software, not a corporation. Which is it? Now I have to search on the net instead of getting info from the summary like is proper.

"Finnish company Jolla CEO says their MeeGo-based operating system Sailfish will be compatible with Android devices".

Comment Re:NEVER roll your own authentication. (Score 1) 251

You talk about encryption for all this, but neglect trust. You complain about not being able to trust the root CA's, but who can you trust? When I connect to

Email provider
Secret Message Board

How do I establish trust? Will I have to establish trust with every browser (desktop/laptop/mobile/friend/work) I use?

Comment Re:The Third World was first (Score 1) 184

So the US has become a Third World nation.


Ridesharing is a well established mode of transport for the middleclass in Africa and Southeast Asia who can't afford to ride single passenger taxis but want something more comfortable than the local equivalent of a bus.

don't correlate.

Comment Re:Human missions are better for long term health (Score 2) 308

Because putting ourselves in those scenarios can change the observable reactions our body has to situations. I am of the "create manned missions" because as so many people have said, it DOES inspire people (if we could believe in the US government not to cancel the program 25% of the way through every time), and because it IS a vital step in humanity's survival in the long term.

Comment Tired of this hyperbolic rhetoric (Score 1) 1448

>His concern, ostensibly, is that someone might be petty enough not to see his movie simply because he spent years lobbying for laws that treated certain people as less than human.

Really? Less than human? Because you get taxed differently and don't have visitation rights at a hospital? It's an insult to victims of real humanitarian crises like genocide and slavery to talk about this relative first world problem in such terms.

Comment Re:And that's the way it should be done (Score 1) 126

Why is "man" in quotes?

I'd be interested in hearing more about how you and your like-minded friends think the world would work without borders defining the legal codes to which a person is expected to adhere at any time.

If anything, I've pondered that internet routing should be changed to strongly prefer staying within a particular country's borders if the source and destination are in the same jurisdiction. Of course, if one wants to route through the world, tor/proxys are easy as pie, but the bulk of normal, direct traffic could be routed this way.

Comment Re:packet radio? (Score 1) 371

>Why worry about what, when you can easily control how often. Limit each participant to some amount.

How do you regulate that? By making a closed hardware platform?

I bet you'd find most amateur radio ops are content with the current ruleset.

Let me also say that when the power goes out for a few weeks, HAM is the only comms still operating. It's a great skill for learning RF and electronics basics while doing something useful.

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