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Comment Didn't read article, summary is ridiculous (Score 1) 377

Of COURSE the problem is ownership! That's the first question every worker in my IT department asked when we got offered BYOD!

"So, if I can have company data on my phone (email), what are y'all doing to my phone? Oh, you're putting it in an encrypted sandbox? Oh, you're reserving the right to wipe that sandbox remotely (and possibly my entire phone)? Oh, you're not taking any liability for accidental wipes? Oh, you're not issuing a phone number that hides my personal cell (ala Google Voice/giving me a SIP address)?"

Ya, fuck that noise. Give me my crappy work-iPhone 5 that, rather than using native apps like the Blackberry I had, gets to use "GOOD for Enterprise" apps that don't integrate with the rest of the phone.

Comment Re:But I like guns! (Score 1) 750

Hundreds of thousands of dead people per year are a small price to pay for your freedom to consume liquor and smoke cigarettes.

Oh, shhhh.... liberals like doing that.

Tens of thousands of convicted criminals sitting in prison away from their families is a small price to pay for keeping us from the non-life-threatening drug marijuana.

There are plenty more lives to be saved from the ban of consumption of recreational drugs that are NOT Constitutionally-protected than can be saved from the ban of useful and prevalent firearms.

Comment Re:The English version is good for this (Score 1) 462

some ideology of freedom to rape, pillage, and rob your neighbours without restriction so long as it's profitable.

Just in case you're implying as much, Anarchy isn't very popular in America. Libertarianism, as usually defined, wouldn't allow any of the actions you describe.

(Just in case you were taking a shot at those of us who would see the U.S. become a free country again).

Comment Re:Good... (Score 1) 415

This is a bogus law. College profs often go out with students for drinks to talk about many things, academics included. Facebook is an extracurricular activity that is just the same as email or message board.

What a joke, and another piece of evidence about why government is bad.

You, parent poster, are evidence of why true freedom via small government will never be achieved in this country.

"Good, that's an improper social behavior by my standard, so let's legislate a solution!"

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