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Comment Re:Good... (Score 1) 415

This is a bogus law. College profs often go out with students for drinks to talk about many things, academics included. Facebook is an extracurricular activity that is just the same as email or message board.

What a joke, and another piece of evidence about why government is bad.

You, parent poster, are evidence of why true freedom via small government will never be achieved in this country.

"Good, that's an improper social behavior by my standard, so let's legislate a solution!"

Comment Re:And people were upset over Apples 30%. (Score 2) 374

You're so full of shit. Libre is a superset of gratis when using those terms as FSF/OSI do to describe 'free' software. I'm a real Linux/Unix user, and I use Ubuntu for most of my needs. It's a good OS.

Canonical has every right to do what they're doing. If you don't like it, then go to another OS, fine. But don't compare them to Novell and CERTAINLY not Oracle! The OS is still libre-gratis-free, if it's in their main/universe repos. Don't FUD.

Comment Re:Debunked (Score 1) 306

So yeah, pretty stupid overall. This is another sad attempt at a form of DRM.

This is another sad attempt at users having rights over their own content as they see fit.

DRM is not evil. Some of its uses are pretty shitty when looked at from the perspective of historical use (free access to recording -> Per-use viewing fees). But if I can set up a way to manage digital content along with expirations, permissions, etc., then that would be great.

The problem is that we geeks theorize quite accurately that DRM for media is pretty much useless. Once the content is unlocked, it can be copied, period.

Comment Re:No More Deregulation (Score 1) 551

I do not know where you are from, but San Antonio is getting data centers left and right because our energy bill is about $0.06 / KW-hr. Not too bad... and I don't know if it's regulated or not.

BTW, this argument of "Providers competing over the same wire" is exactly what many people argue for in terms of Internet connectivity. Do you think having many ISPs compete on the same pipes would be a bad thing?

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