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Comment Re:Piracy rationalizations in 3... 2... 1... (Score 1) 348

The key word is "rewarded appropriately"...
Continuing to pay someone for years after they performed a work is inappropriate.
Paying someone for performing their work (eg at a live concert) is perfectly appropriate. And like everyone else, they should be required to save their money while they are earning it in order to pay for their retirement etc.

Comment Re:Error in 32/64 bit libraries. Please reinstall (Score 1) 259

If you're running a 32bit distro then some do, most compile for something a bit newer (eg 686) and the kernel doesnt even support i386 anymore...
If you run a 64bit distro (and what possible reason would you have for not doing so on compatible hardware) then it will usually be compiled for a baseline amd64 cpu, so sse2 etc...

Ofcourse you could always run gentoo, then you can have the entire system compiled specifically for your cpu and using the latest compiler too.

Comment Re:Time to move (Score 1) 631

There's an important distinction to make between software which is becoming essential to our day to day lives (like a browser), or is used to store our data, vs entertainment software like games...

The former are pretty much essential, in most developed countries almost everyone needs access to the internet and the basic software to do so these days. The idea of commercial companies locking up key resources, or your own personal data are extremely dangerous and definitely need to be avoided.

On the other hand, none of us *need* games. They are a luxury that we can do without if necessary, so people are far more willing to compromise when the stakes are so much lower.

Comment Re:XBOX? (Score 4, Insightful) 616

They had fully functional x86 tablets long before the ipad...
Apple could have made the ipad x86 (or ppc) compatible, and therefore able to run desktop osx applications...
Android tablets can run existing linux applications with just a recompile (there are chroot setups for debian/ubuntu on android to provide the necessary libs etc).

Fact is the ability to run desktop software on a tablet is not a selling point... Such software is awkward to use on a touchscreen, and just results in a subpar experience. Apple succeeded with the ipad mainly because it ran touch centric software and didn't encourage users to run existing non-touch software.

Comment Re:Windows 2.0 also sucked (Score 1) 616

Microsoft products still generally suck... They generally make their products suck a bit less, just enough that combined with their weight in a related market they can strong arm their way in... They used DOS (and later windows) to push word, dos pushed windows, and dos itself was put there by ibm.
Things like Zune are either products that sucked so much that people still couldn't be coerced into using them, or they existed in a market where they couldn't exert sufficient influence to force people to use an inferior product.

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