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Comment Re:Not seeing a problem with that. (Score 1) 219

Only SSL is generally based on trusting certificates, based on certificate authorities... There are several certificate authorities which are in the US and thus beholden to the NSA, who could therefore create their own trusted cert for mitm purposes.
You'd have to negotiate your own certs between the parties you wanted to communicate with.

Comment Re:Amended quote (Score 1) 743

And those dual login requirements are enforced in software... And the sysadmin installed that software, and has access to the underlying hardware...
I've seen similar systems to, where such requirements are enforced by applications, even on users who have "admin" privilege to the application... But ultimately the application runs on top of an os, and it stores its data in a database which does too, so the sysadmin can access data irrespective of application security either at the database or filesystem level.

Comment Re:Amended quote (Score 1) 743

By doing this, you create a system that is extremely fragile, easily broken and difficult to fix... Basically extremely impractical and very expensive to maintain.

And let's not forget that ultimately one or more of the admins has physical access to the server, the OS can enforce whatever policies it wants, but only after its booted. Someone with physical access can always modify the system to behave in a different way.

Comment Re:Amended quote (Score 1) 743

And the sysadmin has access to the disk on which the data is stored, so it doesn't matter what permissions or logging are implemented in the database since the admin can access the data at a lower level.

People often fail to understand this... Just because *you* access data in a particular way, doesn't mean that's the *only* way to get at that data.

Comment Re:Amended quote (Score 1) 743

They go based on what they see, not whats actually happening...
On some systems you can set file permissions to that the admin can't access certain files or dirs in the usual way, which gives the false impression of security... Obviously being the admin, they can access those files just fine in a number of ways (impersonating users, changing the perms, accessing the raw drive, retrieving the data from backups etc)...
But most users never consider this, they just see that they try to access the file in the way they're used to doing, it says no, and they assume it can't be done any other way.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 355

New sales are faltering anyway, this is part of the reason why windows 8 is such a change - to give an incentive to buy it...
Existing hardware is more than fast enough for all but certain niche users and has been for years, windows 7 and xp are more than adequate for most users too, there is very little reason to upgrade and ms are trying to promote touch support as the primary reason.
Sooner or later older versions are dropped, application support for older windows versions are dropped, and new hardware will come with windows 8 wether users like it or not and may not even have drivers for older versions making it totally incompatible... If MS were to cut off 7 & xp today for all their bitching and moaning, people (including corporates) would use windows 8 anyway, and users running old windows versions are still locked in and are far preferable for ms than users defecting to osx or linux.

Users don't really have a choice, the users will switch to windows 8 or its successor sooner or later and ms knows that. Customers are not going anywhere, and if they threaten to their threats are empty so they have zero leverage over ms, and neither do the oems. If you have no leverage over a company, then they will treat you with absolute contempt because it's an entirely one sided relationship.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 355

Do you honestly think that windows 8 is going to cause a mass migration to osx or linux? If not, then what possible incentive do MS have to improve it? Users will either buy it anyway and put up with it, or they will buy windows 7 instead, either way is fine for MS. Given that windows 8 isn't going to reduce the marketshare of windows, if it causes even a tiny number of users to buy windows tablets or phones then it's overall beneficial for MS.

MS cares solely about their own profits and dominance over any markets they can... Why should they listen to customers who are locked in and will be giving them their money anyway? The only customers they would ever listen to are ones that can and will walk to a competitor en masse.

Comment Re:The migration will save the government some 1.5 (Score 5, Insightful) 93

This idea that moving away from MS will cost millions in training is FUD spread by MS to discourage such migrations...
There are many cases where upgrading to the latest MS offering is actually a more significant change than switching to an alternative, for instance moving from msoffice 2003 to 2007 is a bigger leap than going from 2003 to libreoffice as the user interface is entirely different.

In reality many such migrations have been performed, often with no training being provided whatsoever. Users are just expected to get on with it, and generally do.

Comment Re:Hardly surprising (Score 1) 186

The 2012 retina macbooks include an HDMI port (in addition to mini displayport)... I assume the 2013 ones do too.

Most projectors i've encountered recently only had VGA, with a small handful using HDMI. Chances are you will need adapters most of the time anyway, unless you want a laptop with lots of ports on it.. In that respect, mini displayport is good because the connector is small and doesnt take up too much space, and is easily adapted to several other formats.

How many people are regularly flashing firmware on network devices or configuring access points? These are niche requirements, the vast majority of apple customers will never be doing such things. And for a device like the macbook air, the case isn't even thick enough to put an ethernet or dvi socket on it...

I've encountered situations where someone with a non apple laptop was unable to connect to a projector too, for exactly the same reason. In fact, there's some laptops these days which don't include any video out capability whatsoever.

Comment Re:I'm waiting for $199 (Score 1) 186

If it's open source software then chances are most of it has already been ported to linux (or is primarily designed for linux in the first place), and if not can probably be recompiled to link against winelib... And then there is a huge amount of open source software which has already been built for linux/arm but not for windows/arm.

Why would you want a windows tablet if you're going to run open source software on it? Might as well just use a linux device

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