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Comment Re:Maniacal (Score 0) 692

Obama is doing what needs to be done because Congress is gridlocked due to "adults" throwing tantrums such as shutting down the government and never compromising and because a large number of people in it are opposing Obama every way they can because he is BLACK!

(Don't tell me racism has nothing to do with it, because it DOES!)

Comment Residential picketing is disgusting! (Score 2) 692

They may have a point, but picketing a person's home is disgusting.

Really harms the legitimacy of someone's position, and is a terrible invasion.

Really needs to be illegal. I'm pro-civil liberties, but stuff like that should not be tolerated, and should be a felony for repeat offenses.

Disturbing someone at home because you don't like the implications of the technology he works on or the fact materials for it are mined in the Congo or whatever (bet the protestors own iPhone or use other tech that needs minerals) is frightening. Not only gov't can have a chilling effect!

Comment Re:Blunt != abusive (Score 1) 566

Believing him moves him firmly into an active threat against the entire free world, and thus should be treated as such, forced out of and not allowed to interact with society since he wants only to see all societies fall and be destroyed.

I'll let him pick exactly how fucked in life he really wants to be, but for his sake I sure hope he is just an asshole that is wrong instead of a force that has done more harm than people we currently put to death for today.

Chill out, we are talking about Linux kernel coding, not Assad gassing people in Syria or Osama bin Laden having attacked the US 12 years ago!

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