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Comment Gov't sets the rules ultimately, they have courts, (Score 1) 1145

You can run your own company on whatever principles you like.

No, if you run it on wrong enough (according to the government) principles, the gov't will take your money and give it to someone else (civil lawsuits) or take your money for itself, lock you in a prison with people who will try to do you grievous harm, give you a criminal record which will cause people to hate or not trust you, and take some of your rights away, often for life.

Sometimes that is appropriate, but often it is NOT.

Comment Hackers might not survive 41 hours (Score 1, Insightful) 459

Also, the average computer hacker is likely to get raped within 41 hours, never mind 41 MONTHS! (3 YEARS, 5 months)

He's gonna get it on the inside. He'll be better off than the child molesters, but that's about it. Hacker = easy prey.

Hans Reiser was a hacker and also a killer, and he even got beat up in prison. This guy is just a hacker.

Comment Obama (Score 2) 347

Stop blaming Obama for everything.

He inherited this mess and is doing the best he can, with Congress tying his hands.

Obama doesn't personally OK everything the Department of Justice does, he doesn't have the time to do that!

His time is spend trying to fix this country despite a Congress which is trying to block him for almost everything he is trying to accomplish, often due to hateful reasons that have no place in civilized society.

Obama has done a LOT to make gov't more accessible (White House Android app, We The People petitions, etc). Stop bashing Obama, remember Clinton signed the DMCA and Bush the 2nd signed the Patriot Act, etc, etc.

Comment Our gov't (Score 0) 347

The President is a great leader, most of the Senate is passably OK, the Supreme Court is messed up in some ways but sometimes does right (in both cases usually 5-4 decisions) and the House of Representatives is basically filled with jackasses, racists and thieves.

So a blanket kick them all out isn't what we need.

We need to intelligently VOTE. We did a great job picking Obama in 2008 and 2012 (although the fact that nearly half the country voted for that sociopath who ran against him in 2012 is disheartening), but why did we screw up the House so bad in 2010? What were we thinking? Were we thinking, or just watching Fox News?

We need a good Congress to fix the laws, since Supreme Court members hold their positions for life or close to it.

Unfortunately, the President can't do much without Congress...

Comment The tendency towards extremism (Score 1) 853

The Republican Party went from being about strong defense and lower taxes (*) to being hijacked by the extreme right.

Now they appear to stand for racism and for utterly destroying any social safety net in this country for the less fortunate or for seniors, and for eliminating government except for prisons and weapons.

In general, as an organization gets more extreme, moderates leave, which makes it more extreme, etc, etc.

When people refer to the President of the United States as "that black guy in the White House" (over 2 MILLION hits on Google for that phrase as of now!) or even by the N-word (bordering on treason), you know things have gotten bad.

(*) And Obama, unlike many of those before him, has actually accomplished those 2 items.

Comment This would never happen in Las Vegas (Score 1) 308

This would never happen in Las Vegas. The casinos are too sophisticated here, and so many people have tried to cheat over the years, the casinos are hip to everything.

Also, gambling is Las Vegas' only major industry, if that goes, we are hosed, unlike most other cities, so it is in our best interest (our survival) to keep the games honest and perceived as honest.

And there is more than just criminal and civil courts to deal with cheaters you know... Getting sued and/or going to prison could very well be the LEAST of a cheaters problems. Kneecaps are fragile things.

Comment Eliminating physical events is a bad idea. Bad sid (Score 5, Insightful) 49

The bad side of technology (*), those that wanted face to face events are now denied it. The benefits of that are now gone.

Online in addition, ok, but canceling physical events, including one already scheduled and that people have already made arrangements for (travel, time off, etc) is bad.

People can socialize and network at a physical event, there are somethings online only lacks.

(*) Technology has also caused the loss of video stores, CD stores, so many things are hard to buy locally now. Technology should add options, not destroy them!

Comment Re:Man, oh man! (Score 1) 582

Downsizing is good?

Layoffs are good?

When even a gov't job is subject to layoffs and there is no job security ANYWHERE we have truly failed.

These are PEOPLE and LIVES you are talking about getting rid of, not machines!

Thank God we have Obama, since you Romney types would destroy so many lives if there wasn't anything to stop you.

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