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Comment Eliminating physical events is a bad idea. Bad sid (Score 5, Insightful) 49

The bad side of technology (*), those that wanted face to face events are now denied it. The benefits of that are now gone.

Online in addition, ok, but canceling physical events, including one already scheduled and that people have already made arrangements for (travel, time off, etc) is bad.

People can socialize and network at a physical event, there are somethings online only lacks.

(*) Technology has also caused the loss of video stores, CD stores, so many things are hard to buy locally now. Technology should add options, not destroy them!

Comment Re:Man, oh man! (Score 1) 582

Downsizing is good?

Layoffs are good?

When even a gov't job is subject to layoffs and there is no job security ANYWHERE we have truly failed.

These are PEOPLE and LIVES you are talking about getting rid of, not machines!

Thank God we have Obama, since you Romney types would destroy so many lives if there wasn't anything to stop you.

Comment Re:Open Source (Score 1) 240


Making it (spyware, malware which stops your PC from doing unapproved things, etc) legal isn't enough, if people can fight it by disabling it, removing it, etc.

If the law won't stop it, but people can, the companies pushing for this gain nothing.

So they have to make it illegal for people to fight against. Claim a property right in the software or an anti-circumvention prohibition and say people fighting it are interfering with property and/or circumventing protections.

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