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Journal Journal: This site is filled to the brim with utter morons 1

There used to be a time when Slashdot was for geeks with more than a passing interest in computers. People who wanted to understand their computers, not just have it Just Work (tm) so they wouldn't need to. Not your regular gadget addicts, consumers and fashion victims. That's something like ten years ago. These days, you have a bunch of pretensious morons who believe running 'apt-get update' on a Debian system might break something. And they post it early, to get modded up. And they are, since most of the moderators have no fucking clue.

I spent all my five points modding these idiots down. What a waste.


Journal Journal: Google sucks 9

It's almost impossible to find information on hardware you consider buying, due to the volume of sellers that Google consider more important. Of course, all these sellers provide 'reviews' of all their products, to fuck up the keywords. Hey, Google, I do not need any help to find people willing to sell me stuff on teh intarwebs. What I want is information.

Sadly, Bing seems even worse. Or is that actually sad?

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Journal Journal: "Correlation is not causation" considered harmful

As most rational /. readers must have noticed, the expression "correlation is not causation" is mostly used by ignorant apes looking for a quick +1. Science stories get tagged with it even when the story itself is only about the effect, and points out multiple causes, or in a story about the discovery of an indicator, as if it had implied bromophenol blue causes acidity. The expression seems to have been entirely taken over by people with no knowledge of science or logic, and it's usually used as a strawman argument against the science (and through that proxy against more evil things, often environmentalism or socialism (as biology, medicine and social sciences, etc., are considered socialist, as opposed to the libertarian idiocy so many Slashdotters believe in)).

The harmfulness of "correlation is not causation" is thus two-level: on the one hand, it drowns /. in illogical and retarded drivel that too easily gets modded "+5, insightful", on the other hand, it's usually put forth in defence of potential harmful practices in real life. Remember, there's only a correlation between smoking and an untimely death.

Oh, and what can we do about it? Personally, I pledge to use my modpoints by modding down whichever comment that first makes use of the meme in every science story, whenever I have modpoints. And you will know me by "-1, redundant" or "-1, off topic", whichever seems most applicable.

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Journal Journal: Now this is funny


Twitter is one amusing oddball. One comment (a flame) against him, and now he "outs" me as a destructive troll.


Journal Journal: Re-reading The Lord of the Rings

I'm re-reading The Lord of the Rings for the first time in 16 years or so. I should perhaps make a joke about how many times it's mentioned that certain hobbits are queer and gay, but I won't. It's a good book, despite how overrated it is by its most fanatical followers. That's what sets it apart from some other major pop culture cult phenomena, like Star Wars, or worse: Serenity, which frankly are garbage if you try to take them seriously (OK, here I'm being far too kind to Serenity, since it's garbage also if you take it as pure entertainment).

No, what I wanted to say is just what a masterstroke it was to write Tom Bombadil out of the movie. That's one redundant character if I ever saw one. Hell, it's Tolkien's very own Jar-Jar Binks. It really was worth destroying the ambivalent tone and the entire hobbit character development in the beginning of the book just to get rid of him as well. The movie started out extremely rushed, though. Perhaps it would be better to follow the book until Bombadil showed up, and then do some Braindead style lawnmower action on him, just to make sure he never turns up again.

Also, Tolkien should have recognised the fact that he was no poet.

Journal Journal: Story rejected 1

I just had my first attempt at a Slashdot story submission rejected. It was about 2.1 being released. No, it's not a big deal for me; I even included a flamebaitish remark about OOo's speed. Still, interesting to see how godawfully slow this site is to get the so-called "news" to the front page. Now I know they knew the news some time ago. Perhaps they publish with OpenOffice.

Journal Journal: Oh man, this site is crap 2

Just look at the discussion in the OS X for cheap wind-up powered third world 128 MB laptop declined article. Slashdot has finally become even worse than OSNews! Even worse than the BBS discussions between Amiga fanbois and PC apologists!

Half of the commenters are rabid fanboys of one OS or the other, and so are most of the moderators. Where's the technical discussion? How the fuck can someone seriously think that OS X would be easy to use and come with the iApps suite at 1 GB of storage, when OS X demands 3 GB just for the default install? And how the fuck can someone think KDE would be much easier on the RAM requirements?

I refuse to contribute to such a discussion. Fuck them. This site used to be technical. These days, it's just moronic.


Journal Journal: Gnome 2.12 is out

And I knew it before it hit the /. frontpage. At the moment I'm writing this, it's still not there. But of course, when Apple has a widely-published PR campaign, it's up there soon enough. Is this irrefutable proof that /. is fucking shit these days?

News that's old, trolls that hardly matter.

Journal Journal: Ah, it's in threads like this

And I mean this, you notice the advantage of reading Slashdot with a +6 troll and flamebait modifier.

Oh, and my opinion: IQ testing is an interesting subject. The method of developing a test actually depends on the predictability of its result, in a way: You have a bunch of people with "known" and different levels of "intelligence", and develop the tests from how well they are able to sort the participants out. Do a search for Alfred Binet if you want to know more.

There may be many reasons for why women are found to be less intelligent than men. One thing is that the tests necessarily are skewed, since they are supposed to measure something we don't know what is, can't define, but still somehow believe we can recognize. If IQ tests show that men are more intelligent than women, then it's also caused by men being perceived as more intelligent than women, and the tests being created with a bias to show this. The science behind IQ tests is rather good, but never objective, since there's no object to measure.

Anyway. If some dork thinks he can be proud of himself, as a man, because the tests show men to be more intelligent than women, or whites more than black, or whatever, he should remind himself that there's probably some black women out there who are more intelligent, and bigger and stronger, than him.

And that's really all there is to say about this.

Journal Journal: Slashdot is a mess

Oh no. I actually put a bit of work into a comment today. There was more than one sentence, and it wasn't just some wisecrack or joke. It was really serious (but quite banal).

And: I thought I had a slim chance of FP. But it was obviously just something wrong with /. and my comment didn't show up at all. And neither did the 200+ comments that had been submitted or not in the meantime.

Heh, 200+ comments, and no one to read them? Sounds like an improvement.

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Journal Journal: Another comment worthy of celebration 3

This time, it's my comment #512. Of course, the comment itself is of no particular interest (as usual), but it's a round number. I remember the days when 512 KB RAM was enough to play games on the PC. They were crap games, though.

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Journal Journal: Woohoo!

My last comment was my comment 486! The fact that it's modded flamebait (being suitingly anti-Apple) is reason enough to celebrate.

I wonder if my next comment will be a Pentium? Well, I guess that depends on whether my comment was an SX or a DX. If the former, I'll need a comment 487 to evolve.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Heh 2

Sometimes, during metamod, I find little gems like this. And I have to decide whether 'interesting' is fair. Well, is it? It's definately not correct, but when some dickless pagan with no sense of humour moderates it 'flamebait', it's probably fair to give it an 'interesting' mod. Oh, and the moderation made me laugh a bit as well.

So, brave moderator: Fear not.

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