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Comment Re:Speaking of TLDs and (Score 1) 87

However, you're wrong on this preventing namespace collisions - companies are allowed to have the same name so long as they are in completely different lines of business (so there is no confusion).

Actually you are wrong, you are confusing this with trademark law.

From Companies house:

You may not be able to incorporate your chosen company name if it is the 'same as' another name appearing on the registrar's index of company names. There is an exception to this if an existing company (or LLP or other body on the index) is part of the same group as your company and consents to the use of your proposed name

You are however correct that not all companies use their registered names as their trading name

Comment Re:Why (Score 1) 1359

We expect that when someone makes a statement of science, that it have actually been tested using the methods of science.

Where your definition of science includes that it must not contradict your a priori beliefs. A lot of Christians hold a "no true scotsman" view of science when it comes to evolution. Thats not true science because.... GOD DID IT

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 1359

In the 1980's in Belfast, my Dad was registering to be a Doctor at City Hospital. On the form he wrote down for religion "none". He was then told he wasn't allowed to write none and had to chose something. They also wouldn't let him write down Atheist so he made one up and settled on "The light of the upper zarquon". For the next month nurses kept accosting him asking "Doctor Banks! What is this light of the upper zarquon?".

Growing up in northern ireland, I went on quite a lot of cross community (protestants mixed with catholics) trips. In order to get the numbers right they would ask me whether I was Catholic or Protestant and I would answer atheist. This wasn't good enough, they needed an answer so they would then ask what my parents were, so I also answered Atheist. Finally they would ask "What school did you go to?" to which I would reply "Wellington", "ahhh, so you're a protestant then...".

Comment Re:Clarify (Score 5, Informative) 289

Yeah the summary is terrible.

In essence what happened was MPAA pretented to be a venture capitalist who was interested in the streaming site SurfTheChannel. After meeting the owner in person they followed them to their house. Then a seperate MPAA nob head posed as a home buyer interested in the owner of SurfTheChannel's house.

The MPAA then turned over pictures of the house and details of the venture capitalist meeting to the police who proceded to raid their house. The police decided not to press charges, so the MPAA went after the US programmer who made SurfTheChannel. He did some sort of plea bargain where they would drop the case against him if he would testify against the British couple.

The British couple are now in court on charges of fraud.

Comment Re:I Like Unity (Score 1) 441

I've tried working with tabs for terminals but it doesn't really suit me. For a start it compounds the issue, first you have to alt-tab to the the terminal, then you have the select the correct tab. If I'm using screen then thats 3 layers and will get really confusing. But on top of that I often like having two tabs side by side if I'm using vim for instance. I also move terminals between virtual desktops depending on my work flow which is more a pain when they are in tabs.

So far everyone who has replied with suggestions as to how to make the terminals easy to see (and thank you for the suggestions, I'll look at implementing some), but the problem is with many programs that I use and obviously they can't all be customised like a terminal can.

Comment Re:I Like Unity (Score 2) 441

My main problem is having multiple of the same program open, ie. 6 terminals. I can't work out how to select the one I want, Alt-tabbing (or alt `) shows them as small previews but terminals look very similar, and the title bar on the bottom even more so if you have multiple ssh sessions open. Previously I just knew positionally on the task bar which was which.

Has anyone else found a way to work round this? I'm starting to get far too frustrated and am close to switching to XFCE.

Comment Re:Low level radiation (Score 1) 140

And while hormesis is not the topic of TFA...

Did you actually read TFA? Since it did cover hormesis.

Hormesis theory

Demonstration of a quasi-threshold would be unlikely to assuage those who abhor radiation-producing technology on existential grounds, but it might eventually affect regulations and overall opinion. The radiation hormesis theory—that some radiation is beneficial—would provide more comfort, if it could be demonstrated. The best evidence for this concept in humans can be found in national data on home radon measurements and lung cancer rates at the county level. However, the reliance on cancer data aggregated to the county level has been roundly criticized by epidemiologists (Lubin, 2002). Results from more sophisticated epidemiologic studies of the same association do show the expected dose response when individual cancers are matched to dose (Darby et al., 2005; Krewski et al., 2006).

Though it still is a pet topic of enterprising journalists, the radiation hormesis theory is no longer of much interest to researchers. The BEIR VII report, published in 2006, discounted the concept; the French Academy of Sciences took it more seriously, while discounting other evidence that suggests the response might be supralinear at low doses.

Given the increase in radiation from medical diagnostics and the interest in protracted exposure, the possible existence of a threshold or hormetic effect for public policy appears to be a moot issue for developed countries when it comes to future exposures. Even if the level of medical diagnostic exposures does not increase in the future, over the course of 40 years most people in developed countries will receive an average of 0.1 Sv from medical procedures, alone. With this in mind as a dose starting point for millions of people, it is fair to say that any exposure to radioactive elements from a nuclear accident or a dirty bomb would definitely contribute to their delayed cancer risk.

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