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Comment Relative To Americans (Score 4, Insightful) 639

Since slashdot is an American site but I'm Northern Irish I'm going to go with far left. Comparative to the UK/rest of Europe what you americans call socialists/communists are still seen as being quite right wing over here.

So by your standings I'm definately a loony lefty with parents who were both members of Militant Tendency and a grandfather who was a member of the communist party.

Comment Re:we already fixed it. its called 'trains'. (Score 1) 603

Doing this by public transport typically either means catching a slow bus (slow because to get enough passengers to make it viable it has to stop frequently and drive on the slow roads through places rather than the fast roads round places) or taking a very roundabout train route.

You have clearly never been to a city with well designed public transport. London's underground will get you very close to your destination and it will get you there quickly. Other cities such as Hong Kong are covered in trams that get you were you want to go. Manchester is currently rolling out more trams and has train stops in most of the places the trams don't go.

Combine this with bikes (which you can bring on trains), this allows you to live a fair distance from the train station and from your work but still get in very quickly

Comment Re:ok so... (Score 2) 323

If Samsung had changed a single thing on their products there would be no case. Square buttons or a different colour or differently shaped speakers. Anything and the case would never have even been filed.

For that to be true the galaxy tab and the ipad would have to be pretty much identical and they are clearly not. For starters, the galaxy tab is smaller, has a different aspect ratio and a removable battery. By your argument there should be no case.

The truth is that apple doesn't want the competition and if they hadn't of sued on these grounds it would have used some other pretense.

Comment Re:See. Patents/Copyright spur innovation. (Score 1) 491

Marketing drugs shouldn't be expensive because it shouldn't be allowed. In the UK you cannot advertise drugs to patients, the only advertising allowed is to doctors. But doctors are provided with NICE guidelines which recommend which drugs should be used as first and second line treatment for each illness. NICE also seems to do admirably well at resisting the lobbying of the drugs companies. There are constantly stories in the right wing press bemoaning NICE not allowing some new and expensive drug to be prescribed instead of the cheap generic that it replaces.

Comment Re:What about Christian extremism? (Score 1) 370

Yeah, those Christian Extremist suicide bombers who blew up all those abortion clinics, boy, we need to put a stop to that. And those Christian Extremists who made those death threats when South Park did an episode with Jesus in it. Man, those guys need to get real.

Yeah and those Christian Extremists who set off a car bomb in Omagh killing 29 people, they really need to get real.

Comment Re:Netflix is great for active people (Score 1) 323

Comment Re:Advertisiing Standards don't seem to work (Score 2) 381

As I posted above if you complain to the ASA there is a good chance that your complaint will be heard and actually take effect. No need to resign ourselves to our lying corporate overlords.

The Asa also recently increased their remit for what advertising they will regulate.

From March 1st 2011, the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (the CAP Code) has applied in full to marketing messages online, including the rules relating to misleading advertising, social responsibility and the protection of children. Journalistic and editorial content and material related to causes and ideas - except those that are direct solicitations of donations for fund-raising - are excluded from the remit. Previously, our remit online was limited to paid-for ads (such as pop-ups and banner ads) and sales promotions wherever they appeared.

Unfortunately since it doesn't cover "Journalistic and editorial content", they are unable to get involved where a journalist has been clearly paid to write a glowing yet inaccurate endorsement of a product.

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