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Comment Internet killed the Video star (Score 1) 388

Its funny that Schmidt mentions that "Video didn't kill the radio star." Videos were a good promotion outlet for music, but the Internet effectively killed music videos on television.

Google news is an aggregation of news from various media outlet's websites. Its not going to kill newspapers, but Google news and Internet news in general is conditioning people to expect to get news for free.

In the past, newspapers were subsidized by advertising and subscribers. Unfortunately, Internet advertising is not nearly has effective as print. Sure, ads can be targeted to specific audiences, but they can be blocked, and many savvy Internet users are conditioned to ignore advertisements. Newspaper advertisements are unavoidable, and the randomly placed.

So if people expect to get news for free and the advertising is ineffective, tell me how the Internet and e-readers lead to a promising future for newspapers?

Comment What does this solve? (Score 2, Insightful) 502

I really don't understand the basis for this move. From a desktop usability perspective, having the gui password prompt for an elevated privilege such as a package install works fine. Its seemless in Linux and OSX. Not prompting for authentication for signed package installs is insanely insecure and borderline insane.

Comment while its not a good exuse (Score 1) 551

It does validate some of my suspicions about the issues AT&T has been having. A lot of people seem to think that an Apple switch to Verizon would be some magic fix-all for the iphone, but I think any provider is going to have a lot of trouble meeting the usage demand of millions of iphone users.

ABC/Disney Considering Hulu 192

An anonymous reader writes "The Walt Disney Co and Hulu.com have restarted talks over offering shows from Disney's ABC television network on the online video distributor owned by NBC Universal and News Corp, paidContent.org reported on Friday, citing unnamed sources." The real question to me is when will they stop screwing around with Boxee users?
Social Networks

Facebook Nearly Added Twitter To Friends List 124

nandemoari writes "It seems the world's most popular social networking site was just moments away from acquiring another — and few of us ever knew about it. A Facebook executive has revealed that a planned takeover of Twitter only fell apart because of a disagreement over stock valuations. Despite the rather miserable economy, Facebook is still looking to buy out other firms and says it could make a billion dollars a year from advertising. Peter Thiel, a venture capitalist who put up some of the money behind Facebook, discussed the deal in a Business Week interview. Thiel says the two sides agreed a $500 million purchase price and that Twitter would receive the payment in Facebook stock rather than cash — which is a common solution in large takeovers where there simply isn't the money available for a buyout."

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