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Comment So many blade servers (Score 2) 79

So many good blade servers show up on ebay with pretty decent specs but they are useless without the rack to supply power and most lack a way for adding video. I'm talking about 3 year old blades with dual quad core Xeons and 8Gb of memory for $50. Even if you did rig one up the cooling fans would be deafening for desktop use.

Comment Zero budget. You can't be helped .. yet. (Score 2) 423

they see no additional benefit to do a costly upgrade, no reason to change a running system .. So what is the best way to secure this remaining Windows XP systems?

Don't. Don't secure it. Just let the chips fall where they may. Failure is an option, and you've presented things such that it's the best option.

Before you reply with "that's crazy" (or "that's lazy") let me remind you, that you there's "no .. benefit" to being more secure, and "no reason" to worry about the consequences. The submission has already stated that solving the security problem has zero value. So why are you working on it? Just let it go. Security is a don't-care condition. Every hour spent on it, is an hour wasted for no benefit.

If you change your mind about it being a don't-care condition, then you open the door to upgrading to a maintainable OS. But you can't do that, until you decide that upgrading does have benefits, and there is reason to change a running system.

So .. have you changed your mind? Are you still sure there's no benefit to an upgrade and no reason to change a running system? Or have you realized that's TOTALLY FUCKING ABSURD yet? Because I think once you realize that it's TOTALLY FUCKING ABSURD then you're going to see some options appear.

Comment Re:I'm going to be pudge for a day (Score 1) 14

Anyone who argues that it is ok to kill people because it's convenient to do so and they can't defend themselves against it... misdirection is going to be the go-to strategy, right?

I don't feel strongly enough about the issue to do anything about it, because the world is full of evil. But pretending some sort of righteousness because you are for killing babies is ludicrous.

Comment Metric religion (Score 1) 224

People should switch to metric religion. The sabbaths are every ten days, there are ten super-holy days per year (each with one special rite and ten minor cultural flavorings) which are always guaranteed to never also land on a sabbath so you get an extra day off from work, there are ten gods, the tenth son of a tenth son gets a magic power (among a choice of ten possibe powers, and balanced by one of ten disadvantages), each priest gets immunity from prosecution for one of ten different crimes (yes, rape is one of the choices, but they don't all have to choose rape!), the holy book that you're expected to be familiar with is only a hundred pages long and contains ten myths, and the kilochurches (there are no "megachurches") are only allowed to have one thousand members apiece before they're required to fission into hectochurches, so there's plenty of parking and they don't antagonize their surrounding community so much, thereby limiting the amount that you're hated and loathed in residential areas.

Comment Re:Without her permission? (Score 1) 367

It would be interesting because if this were to go onto an actual court battle I'm not sure the kid would win. There is a legal concept in common law called: In loco parentis. In a nutshell it gives institutions such a schools quite a bit of leeway as long as it doesn't "Infringe Civil Liberties" and in the United States we've ended up with the Tinker Doctrine. But that covers more of the limitation of Freedom of Speech in a school than other items.

But In loco parentis has longed been used to allow justification of locker searches. The argument being a parent is allowed to search the room of their child, therefore the school is allowed to the right to search the locker of a student. None of those cases have actually reached the Supreme court to really have a final ruling on where the lines are actually are as far as schools are concerned with In loco parentis. I don't think any schools want this court to make a ruling and set precedence about the limits of In loco parentis because Clarence Thomas has been a critic of the Tinker Doctrine in the past and school may lose a lot of their legal power over students if it ended up there.

Comment Re:Odd logic (Score 1) 282

In most cases it is a distinction without a difference.

If you're neither of them, then the distinction is as minor and irrelevant as the difference between the Judean People's Front and the People's Front of Judea.

If you're one of them, the difference is as critically important as the difference between the Judean People's Front and the People's Front of Judea.

Comment Re:iOS vs Android in the car (Score 3, Funny) 106

If someone changing a map can "drive you into a lake" then YOU have already been hacked, and it doesn't matter how [in]secure your car is. You (not one of your computers) have been owned. You don't exist anymore, because your body (which had previously been a person) has become an unconscious fully-trusting map-executing machine.

That's cause for concern, but I wouldn't worry about their computers' security problems.

Comment Re:What happened to the community site? (Score 1) 7

TL;DR it became a shopping site in the Philippines and then went belly-up. True story.

Multiply was sold to some entity overseas. Apparently the shopping had always been there, but we were never really noticed. It was huge in Asia. Anyway, in December 2012, they shut down the social networking part of the site, which seemed really dumb because it turns out that the stores actually used the blog part of the site for their goods and there was actually never any sort of shopping cart system on the site to buy stuff.

So, yeah...the social stuff went away, and now the entire site is defunct because apparently just being a shopping site didn't work out. I think I got that all right.

On the plus side, they did give us a lot of warning and allowed us to export all of our posts into a format that could be imported into blogger, which actually also conserved the comments. I posted my on its own blogger site and sometimes peruse it still for the memories.

Comment Streams make very little money. (Score 1) 490

Check out how much some of your favorite artists make via spotify and the like. Of course I'd rather you buy my $15 CD than give me .00005 cents off a hundred plays. If that. The "long tail" is yet to be determined.

I can't imagine that streaming services such as Netflix pay that much to the studios, either, so of course the studios want you to buy the DVDs. If you can't wait for the streaming option, by golly, Best Buy will have it for $19.99 or $24.99 for the bluray on release date. I know many of you will just get it from BitTorrent anyway, but there's plenty of us who would rather just use the convenience of the disc or the Netflix app.

Comment Re:Mandatory arbitration? (Score 1) 87

I would not be surprised if Target's credit card purchasing process mandates that all disputes must be arbitrated.

That sounds like something Target's customers might have agreed(*) to. But the banks? If they didn't sign(*) the agreement, then I don't know how they'd be bound to it.

(*) I am trying to use technical jargon versions of "agreed" and "sign," not the layman's, and I might not be up-to-date on the jargon definitions. Yet if it looks like I'm saying the exact opposite of what I appear to be saying, then I think that means I used the words correctly(**) so I hope that's the case.

(**) Oh no, not again. I'd explain what I meant by "correctly" but whenever I try, I get some kind of error message about a stack. What, a stack of credit cards? I don't understand.

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