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Comment Re:Ahhh ... (Score 2) 196

Nokia could compete very well on hardware quality on the Android platform. Sure, there's a gigantic glut of android phones, but the vast majority are cheap plastic garbage. If the 1020 was available on my carrier and had Android, it would be a no-brainer for me. And you're wrong: no one is talking about the 1020 because of Windows Phone 8, they're talking about the amazing camera on it.

Comment Re:This is what Ronald Regan protected us from (Score 1) 220

Wait, are you trying to argue Democrat/Republican with an independent small-L libertarian? I think your talking points were written to bait a very different audience. Can we skip to the part where "hilarity ensues"? Trying to get me to defend either major party in this country is like trying to convince Israel that Hitler was a pretty OK guy.

I'd object to Obamacare coming from either major party, and so far the evidence is working against it, despite your optimism.

Comment Re:This is what Ronald Regan protected us from (Score 1) 220

So taking away the inexpensive plans by adding tonnes of new minimum requirements for all plans across the board, simultaneously poisoning the ability to save money by choosing plans that actually suit the purchaser's needs, is your idea of making things more affordable? I'm just not seeing it. Especially when I had coverage in 2011 that cost 25% of what the cheapest thing available to me today costs. But if you want to keep making ridiculous and flagrant false declarations, be my guest. It hurts your position more than it helps it, you can rest assured.

Comment Re:Invention and Implementation (Score 1) 191

Whoops, I replied to the wrong post. However, I think you'd be throwing the baby out with the bathwater with this approach because someone like ARM Holdings, who design and control the ARM line of processors many of us use and adore, are exactly that: They exist solely to design, license, and modify their designs. They don't have a fab and from what I can tell, you just can't go down to Fry's and buy an ARM branded CPU (although you can buy Qualcomm and others who license their technology). So, it's not so clear cut. I don't consider ARM Holdings a patent troll, at all.

Comment Re:Article's Definition of NPE is Incorrect (Score 3, Interesting) 191

What would you consider ARM Holdings? They don't make anything, either, they just employ a bunch of engineers to design and come up with CPU solutions for various problems (using the ARM architecture, obviously). And, of course, they patent their designs and then let approved licensors fab their designs (with and without approved modifications). Honestly, I'd say that ARM is the type of NPE that's "doing it right". Not only are they protecting their patents, but they are steadily trying to improve the state of the art and continuing to push forward. I think the key difference is, you can *buy* a Qualcomm branded chip (I've got a snapdragon in one of my phones, for instance). However, you're most likely never going to be able to buy an ARM Holdings chip, even though it's their designs (many of which Qualcomm uses and modifies). It's a subtle difference, but it does change the frame of the question.

Now, trying to compare guys who think they patented, I dunno, hypertext 7 years after the fact, that's absurd. :/

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