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Submission + - Avatar Blue-Ray DRM issues ( 2

geekd writes: Once again, DRM only hurts legit content purchasers. "An unusual glitch has angered some "Avatar" Blu-ray owners. For these unlucky people, since the disc won't play on their Blu-ray players, their new "Avatar" DVD serves no real purpose other than to sit idly on the coffee table ... It appears the main culprit concerning playback issues with "Avatar" is, ironically, the disc's DRM (digital rights management). DRM, which is the very technology meant to prevent bootleggers from illegally copying the film, is the very technology preventing people who actually paid for the disc from watching the film. Even with updated firmware, a lot of Blu-ray players weren't prepared for these security measures. Despite the security problems, bootleggers are having a field day. Pirated copies of "Avatar," according to Los Angeles Times, were available as early as January. "

Comment Re:tylenol + codeine (Score 0) 164

Again, he wouldn't have to swallow that many, and likely didn't. The APAP in amounts found in Tylenol products is far more lethal than the codeine. Still absolutely ridiculous, seeing as how we're not talking about some crazy man who set his ass on fire, but rather a man who purportedly wanted an easy way to end it all because of harassment by law enforcement, and again, as a biologist, would know exactly what an APAP suicide would entail.

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