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Comment Re:I still say... (Score 1) 379

I am pretty sure that even they were not really thinking about winning that big.

Actually they did, and the best in-your-face part is that Osama Ben Laden warned us explicitely in one of his tapes circa 2001. Can't be bothered to find the text (though it's everywhere), but basically he was saying Now what you're going to do is overextend yourself and fall harder than you ever had. But the elite were whipped into a rage (or more plausibly saw some profit in that manufactured war) and decided to convince the people to overextend anyways.

And here we are.

Comment Re:"Playing Nice" is Not Considered a Virtue (Score 1) 736

I've actually found a mantra which is quite useful for this exact purpose. Whenever I'm talking/thinking and I'm about to say/think "I'm right", I automatically replace it with the more elaborate construction "I dare hope that I'm right" and then mentally append a list of reasons why I think that's the case (to be revised according to further information).
Helps me remain critical yet non-judgmental. YMMV, but I dare hope it works :)

Comment Re:21 million (Score 1) 119

Talking about this - anyone know of a good current/next-gen phone with such a forward facing camera? I was looking for an open internet tablet/smartphone, which I planned to use solely with wifi (no plan with a carrier at all). Having a camera so I can videochat in google voice (or any other videoconferencing program) would be a definite plus but I haven't seen one in any android or maemo phone...

Comment Re:What the fuck? (Score 1) 120

This is the opposite of a police state, this is a free state that lets the corporations do whatever they want.

Except if the goals of these police corporations are virtually indistinguishable from the wishes of the state that lets them thrive. The resulting intimate meshing of corporations and government is then called fascism.

Comment Re:All about dates now. (Score 1) 366

However, it's unclear whether you could run an emulation of a human mind on any reasonable amount of power.

There is no difference in a perfect emulation and the original. Unless the brain is actually the most efficient computing machine theoritically possible (which it is not) then we will eventually be able to beat its efficiency.

As yet, there's not the least shred of evidence that either AI or human consciousness transfer is possible.

Information theory disagrees. Any turing-complete machine can eventually run an emulation of the human mind, and with enough processing power do it at real-time or faster speeds.

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 1) 369

But who are you to tell other people which drugs they should have a legitimate right to contain in their bodies? If it is a clear-headed decision for their own benefit, you shouldn't be allowed to deny them the right.

Comment Re:So who gets rationed? (Score 1) 395

You might have a point. But the ISPs are really exagerating.
Most caps are easily met in one or two days of full download at the speed specified.
It might be a viable strategy to oversell, but ISPs shouldn't be allowed to expect overselling by as much as 15-30x. They should invest in their infrastructure, not squeeze the customers dry all the while compromising the development of the same service they are trying to sell.
Obviously, most ISPs have no long term view of the internet, at all.

Comment Re:Cry me a river (Score 1) 470

You are trying to disrupt the discussion with your apparently fake definition. That, or you only quoted the part which suited you.

From Merriam-Websters:
1 a: the institution, system, or practice of censoring b: the actions or practices of censors ; especially : censorial control exercised repressively
  to examine in order to suppress or delete anything considered objectionable ; also : to suppress or delete as objectionable

Note the usage of the word suppress. Even if they did not delete it it still constitutes censorship since they are deliberately trying to diminish the availability of the material.
Also note that it isn't only Merriam-Websters that agrees with this definition.

From wikipedia:
Censorship is the suppression of speech or deletion of communicative material which may be considered objectionable, harmful or sensitive, as determined by a censor.

Comment Re:Very promising! (Score 1) 294

the tank has a very very tough metal wall separating the reactants (gasoline and air)

Patently false. Anyone who has ever owned a car knows that it is very common to have small fuel leaks on cars 3+ years old because the automobile makers build the tank as thin as possible to save money; rust can eat through a gas tank in a couple tough seasons (and even in a single winter if you live in a northern climate where potent salts are used to melt the ice on the roads).
Also, plastic tanks are very common in cars under 20 grand; although they are impervious to rust, they are much more prone to punctures or shattering in any violent impact.

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