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Comment Re:Why the court is wrong (Score 1) 490

...does not mean the Government can break into your house and read the copy you made. Conversely, the fact that the recipient of the mail does not have Fourth Amendment rights in the copy does not mean that the government can break into the recipient's house to read the original.

Further, the sender does not give up any copyright protection and it does not mean the recipient can copy or has copyright protection, but that the recipient has the responsibility to refuse to copy for third-parties i.e., "Sam."

Comment Sci-Nett? (Score 1) 259

IMHO it is a dangerous mistake, and a premature one, to elevate the status of the internet to that of a life-form; the internet is neither designed nor intended to serve any purpose but to benefit its creators - the human species - as a tool as well as a toy, be this by bettering the quality of life for species other than our own, the environment or the devices of, by, from or relating to its sovereign specie. It is an artiface, nothing more. That much having been said, I feel we should commend ourselves as [that] uncontested sovereign species, focusing on how better to impact our evnvirons, than change the natural laws of physics for light and transient causes. The nomination may seem innocous, but I find it entirely frivolous and I hold it in contempt.


Comment Re:On The West Coast... (Score 1) 89

What an insightful way to show that YOU get the reference without actually giving ANY information to others on what the reference is. Jackass.

I did not mean to impute; however, and after having been modded 'Troll,' in retrospect: Point taken.

Now, shall we dispense with this business of stoning and getting stoned...?

Comment Re:Whiteknighting reaches a new low. (Score 1) 265

If I were certain you are female, I would marry you.
[And] read 'books.' If not, do you have a sister?

*It* highly improbable that the ignoramus poster (and countless thousands of others) committed a mere typographical error by missing exactly those *two* key presses to form...

Methinks thou doth propense as such (making your own case-in-point?)

Comment cow in the the road (Score 1) 134

[We] can only hope and pray these otherwise award-winning programmers
have the communication skills necessary to once and for all preclude the
possibility of common spelling, grammar and punctuation errs.

"Dog Rescues it's Master" and
"Join the News Team and I" instead of

...[its] Master, and ...Team and [me]

--might be good enough for a precocious third-grader, but it is uneducated drivel.

Comment Re:What... TOUCH Typing? (Score 1) 255

Good point, Michael, but some one or some thing, rather, is going to have to concede open-source technology has not been invented, yet, and the Foundation for Law and Government has been caught between the driver's seat and the necessary *kit analogy* improvised 'ergonometric' modifications.

That, or the flux capacitor needs a whole new interface.

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