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Comment cow in the the road (Score 1) 134

[We] can only hope and pray these otherwise award-winning programmers
have the communication skills necessary to once and for all preclude the
possibility of common spelling, grammar and punctuation errs.

"Dog Rescues it's Master" and
"Join the News Team and I" instead of

...[its] Master, and ...Team and [me]

--might be good enough for a precocious third-grader, but it is uneducated drivel.

Comment Re:What... TOUCH Typing? (Score 1) 255

Good point, Michael, but some one or some thing, rather, is going to have to concede open-source technology has not been invented, yet, and the Foundation for Law and Government has been caught between the driver's seat and the necessary *kit analogy* improvised 'ergonometric' modifications.

That, or the flux capacitor needs a whole new interface.

Comment Re:What... TOUCH Typing? (Score 1) 255

lol wut?

For example, Nintendo resumes mass-production of
both the left-and-right *Powerglove* (in pairs, this time, if
such a small detail could be at all advantageous)
and augments the so-called 'unwieldly monstrosities'
with *smell-o-vision* -- thus, a very real - and effective - Grip of Death.

Now, pull my finger.

See? No cheese on MY screen!

Comment Re:What... TOUCH Typing? (Score 1) 255

Hmmm, thermal. Like, it gives you a small burn when you click the mouse?

Well, ok, it was a shot in the dark lol, but
the interesting benefit of implementing some
'standards' would be a thing called 'safety.'

Maybe a 'cool sensation' would sell the idea better, or
if you're a gamer, crash 'n burn?
HECK YEAH! Thanks!

...Unless you're just pulling my finger.

Comment Re:What... TOUCH Typing? (Score 1) 255

Thanks, Sean

Perhaps some custom audio or thermal feedback would be in order, but
there is no mistake in your statement of fact; there is a very fundamental
and well-integrated reason for the skilled practice known as touch-typing.

It is an ubiquitous method of input using what pop culture takes for granted:


Comment The Question Should Be... (Score 1) 479

The statement of fact is in error; sci-fi is not 'running out of steam,' rather
its hard-working labor force of brilliant creators has been replaced and
its definition has been slowly undermined by the poor spelling, grammar
and foresight of changeling-zombies.The question should be, 'How can we
exclude the latent influx of horror, gratuitous sex/anime and 'professional'
wrestling from our midst..."

Fikstit fer ya.

Comment Re:ClusterFoxed! Hour #5 Reinstalling (Score 1) 275


My above entry I posted running Windows 7 (RC) booted in safe mode with networking enabled, on a machine not yet updated, as the propensity toward small-to-irreparable errors have been having their cascade-failure affect on all 9 other members of my cluster; these errors include *ie8* spontaneously opening and alarming all with a series of 5 minute pop-ups at full volume and a variety of "Video Hardware Error" notifications. It does not at all surprise me the EU refused Internet Explorer Infinity, err, 8.

Some fix.

Some don't, I suppose.

Comment ClusterFoxed! Hour #5 Reinstalling (Score 0, Offtopic) 275

I have a small cluster (10 Windows machines) in my 3-room apartment, nearly all of whom are multi-boot - even ME can be *enjoyed*. Guests and visitors are welcome to login, check email, view apps, game, watch cable, shop... whatever. I catch immeasurable *7734* from innumerable doubters for inestimable reasons, not the least of which would be EM irradiation and massive power requirements -- but I know my PC farm, and I feel obligated to give /. the low-down on the low-down:

A) They're computers, and they're connected. They've experienced issues all along, so I was actually looking forward to this so-called "fix";
2) Multi-booting exposes all kinds of issues, from small to the complete opposite of small, in which case Windo7s makes no secret it is in many ways *WVII,* a narcissistic second version of Windows: V; and

first of all, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' does not change my need to reinstall and adapt 3-4 OSes, 32 and 64-bit configurations, drivers, applications and settings, all on 10 machines, copy and wipe mass storage drives ...yet not perceive recent developments as a problem?

"I don't care who started it. Knock it off."

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