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Journal Journal: Tired of seeing old entries AND Epson 960 Photo Printer

Finally got tired of looking at the old entry when I went to the user page. Don't really have anything to say.

Been enjoying my new Epson 960 Photo printer. Man! What great output! Eats enough ink though. I'm thinking about springing for a continuous flow inking system. Found a couple online but don't really know yet which one to get.

User Journal

Journal Journal: More musings on Fans and Freaks

Out of curiosity I checked back yesterday to find that I have not gained any new enemies, but that my list of fans has doubled (two more - lest it sound like marketing hype) giving me a two-to-one edge over those who don't like my words (since they don't know me).

Journal Journal: Amusing discovery today

It's been some time since I perused the various tabs on my individual user page. Frankly I'd never looked in any of the Friends, Fans, Foes or Freaks tabs because I didn't think there'd be anything there. Today I looked.

I'm amazed to discover I have two /. users who count me a friend and two users who deem me a foe. I suppose that's a nice balance. That I have posted anything here that would move anyone to either of these positions is amazing to me.

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