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Comment Re:Makes no sense. (Score 1) 344

In theory, but you'd need to generate a ton of fake personas that look real enough to (presumably a) human trying to comb through them, and they need enough content to actually carry some weight. You couldn't just re-use a small pool of fake pages because the people doing the combing would catch on. I suppose you could make template posts like "went to x with y, had fun" and throw in some extra words if you needed to auto-generate textual content but most real accounts on facebook have a lot of photos too. No idea what you could use to generate those. Using real people to generate the content might cause unacceptable cuts in your profit margin.

Also, facebook would obviously try to put an end to it since the users are the product etc.

Comment Makes no sense. (Score 4, Insightful) 344

The second this takes off, there's going to be a business in optimizing people's social profiles - if nothing else, the things you should have/not have on your profile will spread through word of mouth and experience. The reason facebook et al is used for evaluating people is the idea that people might not "keep up appearances" there, right? But if it impacts your personal finances or job prospects most people would just tighten up out of fear. It's self-defeating. It's also dreadful since it'd presumably lead to people making themselves out to be oily cookie-cutter smilies for financial benefit, conformity of the worst kind.

Comment Re:Opposite (Score 1) 147

Could this be because they're "inside their heads", daydreaming? Other posters have already mentioned the old technique for memorizing things by visualizing locations and that obviously works. So if I'm a visual thinker then does that mean I intuitively carry around the context in my imagination? And would experience a "context switch" when having to switch focus to my surroundings whereas other people might be less prone to interruption by outside stimuli but more sensitive to the external context?

Comment Re:That CS is not "programming" (Score 1) 315

And he'd be happy if one person would be inspired by that. As a CS student myself, "hacking out programs" (e.g., applied computer science) seems to be what most of the people here want to do, excepting the very theory-oriented ones who'll most likely continue up through a PhD. Assuming that all people are like that when the education is catering to both types is just plain wrong. Being a nerd, I certainly understood the difference between abstract and practical research and engineering by that age. What should be communicated is the way to get to the place on the spectrum you want to work at.

Comment Re:Detection and rules (Score 1) 191

Yeah, but far from all people who leak data can be assumed to have technical competence. Mounting a forensics dist and just reading the data off a laptops drive is easy, but not for everyone. Also, connecting to stuff on the company intranet (by stealing the vpn key off the drive and logging in via another computer or live cd) would be mighty suspicious? And any attack where you (say) connect to the presumed VPN with a computer placed in front of the monitored one, letting it transparently forward the "legit" data back home while you connect to internal services from the one in front would also presumably be detected, unless this system doesn't correlate activity on the internal protected services also?

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