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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 767

There weren't any terrorists in Iraq until you guys went there and overthrhew the guy that was preventing them to get in.

There weren't any terrorists in Afghanistan until you guys decided to train, arm and finance a bunch of Arab lunatics to go in there to piss off the Soviets.

Are all your other problems self-inflicted too? I looks so.

Comment Re:simple (Score 0) 497

I find this really amusing. A scandal arose yesterday because the Portuguese government spent 1 million to create an application for the Ministry of Justice that is not even being used. Lots of people jumped in to accuse the Portuguese of being lax, lazy and corrupt.

In the end, we're not different from other populations, it's just a matter of proportions: While a Portuguese sends 1 Euro down the toilet, an American does the same with 600. I would risk saying the very same shit happens in all other developed countries, regardless how much "disciplined" they claim to be.

Comment quote and movie (Score 1) 106

I like the quote I saw on someones sig.
"It's pitch black, you are likely to be shot by Vin Diesel."
Combining the Zork statement of the VD movie.

I always think a movie should be made out of Zork.
I don't know how it would be done but it sounds cool.
Even though it is based on a game I might like it.
Ominous red eyes staring out from darkness just waiting for the light on your torch to flicker out.
Plus it wouldn't need much action, more cerebral.

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