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Submission + - Win8 Tablet Review: Almost Best Of Both Worlds (

jfruh writes: "Sandro Villinger has been using an iPad as his casual-use computer since it first came out, but he used a loaner Samsung Series 7 tablet running a preview version of Windows 8 — and he liked what he saw. While there were definitely quirks — the long wait for the context menu drove him nuts, and the full OS quickly ate up more disk space than anticipated — he also liked a lot about it. The Metro interface really was a joy, he said, and switching between Metro and the standard Windows desktop was ultimately useful in making the tablet a two-way product."

Submission + - Microsoft Won't Say If Skype Is Secure Or Not. Time to change? (

jetcityorange writes: "When asked repeatedly a Microsoft spokesperson refused to confirm or deny that Skype conversations. Microsoft was granted a patent a month after purchasing Skype that covers for “legal intercept” technology designed to be used with VOIP services. Is it time to consider more secure alternatives like Jitsi [] like Tor's Jacob Appelbaum suggests?"

Submission + - Jack Daniels Shows How to Write a Cease and Desist Letter ( 2

NormalVisual writes: When the Jack Daniels distillery recently became aware of a book whose cover they felt substantially infringed their trademark, they didn't go into instant "Terminator mode" — instead, they wrote a very thoughtful, civil letter to the infringing party, and even offered to help defray the costs of coming into compliance. I believe plenty of other companies (and many in the tech world) could use this as an example of how *not* to alienate people and come off looking like a bunch of greedy jerks.

Comment Bravo (Score 0) 78

This actually does solve a real world problem and I commend them for accomplishing as much as they did. Often people who communicate via sign language are able to understand what other people are saying but they are at a complete loss in having others understand them. This bridges that specific gap in a way that is convenient for both sides.

Comment Re:True #1 Feature! (Score 1) 470

You'll see that Microsoft is in the business of selling to hardware manufacturers. This operating system allows them to refresh their lines and bring out something that could genuinely be a major success, even if it is a blast from the past, Convertible Tablet PC's. The Lenovo Yoga (though it's lacking Wacom) is an example of something new and different that will have a chance of seeing sales due to this "awful" OS. Perhaps someone out there is realizing that putting the same thing onto the market year after year has to come to an end, and when they look at the Tablet market cutting into the laptop market, they want back in.

Comment They don't make it easy to delete, but here's how (Score 1) 155

And even if you go through with the deletion process, you still have to avoid logging in (watch out for saved passwords on a laptop) for two weeks.

Comment Re:LaTeX (Score 1) 642

I work as a professional photographer and I can agree with this. I do a lot of in studio or on location commercial work. I often assist other photographers on shoots and set up lighting. I tend to have a lot more conversations about grip equipment preferences than cameras, though it may be due to my area of expertise.

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