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Comment Re:If indeed, truly sad news (Score 1) 547

What you describe is probably inevitable; we are certainly moving in that direction now. But I think people will eventually stop putting up with it. Either there will be a "peaceful revolution," where people start diverting their money to companies willing to provide entertainment and culture on more reasonable terms, or an "arms race" of stronger and stronger DRM and higher and higher prices on the one hand, and more and more widespread piracy on the other. Either way, unless we also move into a completely totalitarian society, the DRM-lovers can't win.

Comment Re:Have to laugh (bitterly) (Score 1) 604

while i agree that we are too many, the only way to reduce world population to 2-3 biliions in 50 years is nukes; We're almost 7 billions, not almost 4...

Well... I agree that the only reasonable conclusion is that there are just too fucking many of us. If we don't bring the population down ourselves, somehow (as, of course, we won't), the system will self-regulate and do it for us, somehow (most likely in some way we won't much care for, like a cataclysmic natural disaster or a global pandemic).

An interesting question is how we could possibly bring the population down in a reasonably palatable way. Massive emigration to colonies in space? We just don't have the technology for that. Birth control? As someone else said, this would pretty soon cause enormous social problems with growing numbers of elderly relying on shrinking numbers of younger people for support (a very mild version of this problem can already be seen in countries like Japan). Something else? If so, what?

Comment Zaurus replacement? (Score 1) 271

Who cares about games? I used to have a Zaurus, and it was (mostly) great for note-taking, calendaring, web surfing, MP3 playing, even casual video viewing. Plus, it ran Linux, was pretty hackable and had a terminal. And it fit nicely in a pocket, although it was a tad heavy. My Symbian smartphone sorta kinda does (most of) the same things, but not quite as well and it doesn't have a proper keyboard.

I want a pocket computer, but nobody makes those anymore now that everything, for some reason, has to look like a damn Iphone. The Pandora looks very interesting. If only they hadn't wasted so much space on those game controller thingies and instead made the keyboard a little bit bigger.

GNU is Not Unix

Adding Some Spice To *nix Shell Scripts 411

An anonymous reader writes "Developing GUI script-based applications is time-consuming and expensive. Most Unix-based scripts run in a CLI mode or over a secure ssh session. The Unix shells are quite sophisticated programming languages in their own right: they are easy to design and quick to build, but they are not user-friendly in the same way the Unix commands aren't (see the Unix haters books). Both Unix and bash provide features for writing user friendly scripts using various tools to build powerful, interactive, user-friendly scripts that run under the bash shell on Linux or Unix. What tools do you use that spice up your scripts on the Linux or Unix platforms?"

Comment Re:older developers... (Score 2, Funny) 742

There's nothing unsafe about juggling with chainsaws, unless you do things in a lazy way and don't think things through. As long as you train properly, and make sure to cover all of your safety aspects, you'll be fine.

I'm not railing on you. I'm just saying that some things, no matter how useful*, are not for everyone.

* The usefulness of juggling with chainsaws can be debated. This is not career advice.


Steve Jobs Weighs In On iPhone Programming Language Mandate 711

Dotnaught writes "Greg Slepak, founder of software company Tao Effect, wrote Apple CEO Steve Jobs to complain about Apple's mandate that iPhone applications be originally written in C/C++/Objective-C. Job's response was to endorse a post by John Gruber on the Daring Fireball blog. Jobs called it 'very insightful,' suggesting Gruber's prediction that third-party iPhone development tools are out might be right. Jobs sent a second reply that also doesn't bode well for third-party iPhone development tools: 'We've been there before, and intermediate layers between the platform and the developer ultimately produces sub-standard apps and hinders the progress of the platform.'"

Comment Re:"Sue fucking everyone" (Score 1) 949

It's also not guaranteed that a peer in the swam is downloading or uploading. The only way to be 99% sure is to send/receive to/from a given peer. But, if you don't send/receive 100% of the content to/from that single peer, it would be hard to claim copyright infringement, as you couldn't prove a full copy had been shared by that IP address.

Sure, but do the courts know that?

Social Networks

Insomniacs, the Phantoms of the Internet 234

theodp writes "Ever since she was a toddler, freelance writer Lily Burana has been a Stay Up Late kind of girl. When her kindergarten teacher asked students 'What time do you go to bed?,' young Lily felt compelled to lie rather than rat out her own mother by saying, 'Oh, between midnight and 1 a.m.' She still suffers from insomnia, but has discovered that Facebook is the Promised Land for the awake and alone. She finds comfort in the company of others who, like her, live counter to the conventional rhythm of a sunny-day world."

Comment Mod parent up (Score 1) 96

And your example is flawed in other ways too. For example, Hitler didn't pick Jews arbitrarily; he picked them because they were the terrorists/commies/witches of their time, widely believed to be trying to destroy Western civilization for some vague nefarious ideological reasons. It was easy for Hitler to fan that fear, and to convince people the Jews were trying to destroy their lifestyle and would never stop, so the people needed to give him the power to deal with the problem; in other words, exactly the same shit as we are having nowadays.

Just for that, I'd mod you up if I had mod points. Thank you.

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