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Comment Re:Funny ... (Score 1) 291

Yes, I understand. That doesn't contradict my message: I have to grant an easement to utility companies to set poles in my backyard. As a whole, this is a good thing since it prevents private entities (like a cranky neighbor) from blocking deployment of those utilities to everyone else.

In the exact same vein, I think it's unreal that AT&T - who owns that pole in the easement in my backyard - can block deployment of a utility that everyone wants to use. If I had to grant an easement to AT&T, I think it's completely fair that they should be forced to grant an easement to Google to use the pole for its intended purpose.

You and AC seem to think that I'm against utility easements when I said nothing of the sort.

Comment Re:I'm an atheist. (Score 1) 674

I don't think it was about being christian as much as it was annoying. While the guy who got physical was raised to belive in God, the extent of worship and practice was likely thanking god when he got lucky or something.

I mean the guy sat through it several times before getting physical and warned him to shut up about it. I hang out in some rough bars, even worked at some as a bouncer (although not this one). People get upset over the dumbest things when drinking sometimes. I remember breaking up a fight because someone played rap music on the juke box. I saw a fight over some girl saying she got beat by one of them 15 years prior to the fight. Another time there was an off duty cop who kept trying to buy drugs and several people knew he was a cop and beat his ass. That was interesting because i was a witness at the trial, the defense said they beat him up because he kept interupting him on a date asking for drugs not because he arrested him several years prior. The guy ended up with one year probation and two weeks jail suspended based on the probation.

Comment Re:Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Water (Score 1) 273

Most people i knpw that live on a flood plain do so after the civil engineers and army core of engineers built the dams to control the flooding. For instance in my home town area, they built a series of five resiviors for flood control that allowed industrial lands near the river and old erie canal to be safe for residential use once the canal was closed. Over the years, two of those dams had been removed instead of replaced and urban sprawl has changed the amounts of watershed which has turned areas never considered a flood risk into a flood zone.

It really isn't a matter of someone saying this looks nice, now build a dam and protect me with public money. If that were the case, i would completely agree with you.

Comment Re:save us from *all* pseudo-science (Score 0) 674

Here is why thr tea pot doesn't fit. Not only are you saying you hsvn't convinced me, but it isn't true and you are stupid too.

You see, the second two parts are affirmative asertions outside what you were asked to believe and require just as much weight as you place on the burden of proof yourself. Its like you saying you spilled wine on the carpet a couple of weeks ago and it didn't stain it. You have no way to prove it to me so i can either trust you or not. But when i say you had no wine and you didn't spill anything, i do need to validate that.

Comment Re:I'm an atheist. (Score 1) 674

This is likely more true than not. Society and even familiy has historically sought to increase its safety in security as well as resources like food and of course labor by increasing its population. Homosexuality would deprive such benifits as so would masterbation that until recently was taboo too.

Whether this dislike of what would defeat population growth and hence the security of the unit is instinctual or learned might be a good question to explore. But it is something that doesn't need religion to flourish.

Comment Re:I'm an atheist. (Score 0) 674

I don't doubt what he says because i think i know who he is in other posts. He likely walked into a prayer meeting held by some jocks before a football game and started refering to god as a sky fairy then attempted to explain the fiction of religion and how he was too smart to fall for it like those idiots.

You can see people like that all over /. And they pop up in odd places too. I remember some kid walking into a bar with a fsm shirt on and proudly explianing to anyone who asked how it was making fun of religion in school. He was asked to shut the hell up about it several times and said it was a free country. I think i heard one if the regulars say then i'm free to do this just before mopping the floor with him. The bouncer stood there and told him he was lucky he wasn't hurt more. Of course he called the cops from the parking lot and claimed he didn't do anything but the cop saw that he was trying to incite people. We told the cops the guy who hit him came in with him origionally and left right after kicking his ass. Nothing was done about it.

Comment Re:Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Water (Score 0) 273

Are you really that daft? Dams control the flooding. No one even hinted about causes. And yes, fire breaks contain fires long enough to get to them and keep them under control. Controlled burns is like having one large fire broken into segments and spread over a number of years. It is not dificult.

Comment Re:The problem: (Score 0) 377

No, it absolutely does not make me feel good that you are stupid. In fact, it makes me sad for you. You asked what my point was and it was pretty obvious the first time.

But hey, i like the way you dealt or didn't deal with those inconvienient facts laid in front of you. I guess trying to name call instead of dealing with being wrong is just one of you coping mechanism so i won't get upset. I'm just more sad for you now though.

Comment Re:The problem: (Score 1) 377

It certainly is up to you to prove something doesn't exist when you assert it doesn't exist. At the moment, you have no idea if there is a god, just whether or not there is enough evidence to convince you of one. But when you push ypur beliefs onto others, you are going beyond you being convinced or not and activly asserting something as fact which you simply have no evidence of.

Comment Re:Not sure why this ban would even be necessary (Score 1) 414

There is now a .308 (a rifle cartridge) in test markets that's a polymer case, metal primer, powder and metal bullet.

They are trying to find ways to contain the heat a bit longer, long enough to get it out of the breech on a bolt gun.

The purpose of that is to keep the rifle barrel at a lower and more stable temp longer with sustained fire, making snipers more effective because a warmer barrel puts the bullet in a different place.

It will not be long before the case and possibly the primer will be plastic. Leaving only the projectile as the last step.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 414


No. It is not illegal to sell a gun that you made yourself.

It is illegal to make a gun with the intention of selling it, and then sell it.

If you make it, decide you want a different grip shape, sell the gun, and use the money to buy more raw materials. Totally legal.

If you are going to participate in gun control discussion, get the basic facts correct.

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 414

You may be wrong yourself. If you look at the FBI Crime Reports, you will see that there are 37 criminal firearm based homicides for every self-defense homicide by a civilian. The USA has a much higher gun death rate than other developed countries, and when you look within the USA itself, you find that Case-control studies, ecological time-series and cross-sectional studies indicate that in homes, cities, states and regions in the U.S., where there are more guns, both men and women are at higher risk for homicide, particularly firearm homicide., or put simply more guns, more crime. All of the above citations go to original or academic sources. So what could be going on? Well, firstly, the NRA attempts to stop scientists from studying gun violence. (In a similar vein, the junk-food industry tries to limit the study of the health effects of sugar.) Secondly, the NRA keeps its own datasets to do it's own "research" to reach its own conclusions, which (call me crazy), keeps the donors happy. Those would be the gun manufacturers. Most large industries do this. I'm open minded on the issue, and follow it because I have an academic interest in cognitive bubbles. If you are interested learning a different perspective on the issue, then read this. You don't have to believe a word of it; however, if you *can* read it, and accurately repeat back the arguments made, then that would indicate enough cognitive flexibility to really be informed about the issue, and be an expert. Ideologues do not have this flexibility, but want to maintain the self-concept of being an expert, which explains most of what is wrong with politics.

You are a liar. Here, let me quote:

If you look at the FBI Crime Reports, you will see that there are 37 criminal firearm based homicides for every self-defense homicide by a civilian.

Homicides are not a good measure of defensive actions. Defensive homicides are what happens when the criminal does not back off when warned, is too violent too fast for a threat backed by a gun to work, etc. The vast majority of defensive gun uses are simply displays. Like the guy up thread with the gun on his lap. The criminals were there, and may have been working themselves up to act, but left because of the gun.

Your assertion that a gun has to kill to do it's job is both myopic and factually incorrect. Heck, often a simple display indicating this victim will not go down as easy as they thought is enough to prevent the crime.

Why would you need to LIE to support your position unless your position was wrong? You sir, are a LIAR.

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