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Comment Re:Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Water (Score 0) 273

Are you really that daft? Dams control the flooding. No one even hinted about causes. And yes, fire breaks contain fires long enough to get to them and keep them under control. Controlled burns is like having one large fire broken into segments and spread over a number of years. It is not dificult.

Comment Re:The problem: (Score 0) 377

No, it absolutely does not make me feel good that you are stupid. In fact, it makes me sad for you. You asked what my point was and it was pretty obvious the first time.

But hey, i like the way you dealt or didn't deal with those inconvienient facts laid in front of you. I guess trying to name call instead of dealing with being wrong is just one of you coping mechanism so i won't get upset. I'm just more sad for you now though.

Comment Re:The problem: (Score 1) 377

It certainly is up to you to prove something doesn't exist when you assert it doesn't exist. At the moment, you have no idea if there is a god, just whether or not there is enough evidence to convince you of one. But when you push ypur beliefs onto others, you are going beyond you being convinced or not and activly asserting something as fact which you simply have no evidence of.

Comment Re:Not sure why this ban would even be necessary (Score 1) 414

There is now a .308 (a rifle cartridge) in test markets that's a polymer case, metal primer, powder and metal bullet.

They are trying to find ways to contain the heat a bit longer, long enough to get it out of the breech on a bolt gun.

The purpose of that is to keep the rifle barrel at a lower and more stable temp longer with sustained fire, making snipers more effective because a warmer barrel puts the bullet in a different place.

It will not be long before the case and possibly the primer will be plastic. Leaving only the projectile as the last step.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 414


No. It is not illegal to sell a gun that you made yourself.

It is illegal to make a gun with the intention of selling it, and then sell it.

If you make it, decide you want a different grip shape, sell the gun, and use the money to buy more raw materials. Totally legal.

If you are going to participate in gun control discussion, get the basic facts correct.

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 414

You may be wrong yourself. If you look at the FBI Crime Reports, you will see that there are 37 criminal firearm based homicides for every self-defense homicide by a civilian. The USA has a much higher gun death rate than other developed countries, and when you look within the USA itself, you find that Case-control studies, ecological time-series and cross-sectional studies indicate that in homes, cities, states and regions in the U.S., where there are more guns, both men and women are at higher risk for homicide, particularly firearm homicide., or put simply more guns, more crime. All of the above citations go to original or academic sources. So what could be going on? Well, firstly, the NRA attempts to stop scientists from studying gun violence. (In a similar vein, the junk-food industry tries to limit the study of the health effects of sugar.) Secondly, the NRA keeps its own datasets to do it's own "research" to reach its own conclusions, which (call me crazy), keeps the donors happy. Those would be the gun manufacturers. Most large industries do this. I'm open minded on the issue, and follow it because I have an academic interest in cognitive bubbles. If you are interested learning a different perspective on the issue, then read this. You don't have to believe a word of it; however, if you *can* read it, and accurately repeat back the arguments made, then that would indicate enough cognitive flexibility to really be informed about the issue, and be an expert. Ideologues do not have this flexibility, but want to maintain the self-concept of being an expert, which explains most of what is wrong with politics.

You are a liar. Here, let me quote:

If you look at the FBI Crime Reports, you will see that there are 37 criminal firearm based homicides for every self-defense homicide by a civilian.

Homicides are not a good measure of defensive actions. Defensive homicides are what happens when the criminal does not back off when warned, is too violent too fast for a threat backed by a gun to work, etc. The vast majority of defensive gun uses are simply displays. Like the guy up thread with the gun on his lap. The criminals were there, and may have been working themselves up to act, but left because of the gun.

Your assertion that a gun has to kill to do it's job is both myopic and factually incorrect. Heck, often a simple display indicating this victim will not go down as easy as they thought is enough to prevent the crime.

Why would you need to LIE to support your position unless your position was wrong? You sir, are a LIAR.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 414

How many Black "youth" live in Iceland? Exactly.

Again, crappy culture. The benefit of a socialism like Iceland is that people from problematic groups are brought into a situation where it is easy and beneficial for them to grow up and become productive members of society. There is the concept of being able to move from a lower economic class into a higher one by hard work. Some call it the American dream. The ironic thing is that the U.S. have one of the most rigid class structures in the west. The movement from one class to another is rarer than in most other nations. If you want to actually live that dream you are better off living in Iceland or Norway or some other nation that doesn't treat you like a criminal just because you are poor.

It might be noteworthy that Iceland didn't import slaves by the boatload and create an antagonistic racial divide, where today the descendants of the slaves see accepting "white man's culture" -- getting educated, holding a job, raising kids in a two-parent home -- as becoming an Uncle Tom and betraying your kin.

They also don't have a president creating an antagonistic racial divide by sticking his nose in an ordinary self-defense case.

Comment Re:How? (Score 1) 414

Sorry. That is illegal. You cannot transfer a gun without a serial number.

Wrong. It's illegal to manufacture them for sale without serial numbers. Likewise, there are lots of circumstances where transfers can legally occur without concern for the serial number at all. (Face to face, within the state, for example.)

And, one can put a serial number on a gun one builds from say, a shovel.

In any case, building with intention for personal use, then giving away or selling is perfectly legal, unless you are in one of the retard states.

Comment Re:Is it just me, or ... (Score 3, Informative) 425

In more ways than we realize. The bailout of gm actually followed what Romney said, forced bankruptcy then a cash infusion apon restructuring. The bankruptcy negated a lot of pension liability but part of the cash infusion was paid by Canada's pension funds too. If we are taking a loss, i am almost certain they are too.

This also neglects all the pension funds that was looted when all of GM's stock and debt where invalidated as part of the bankruptcy. Detroit is even worse as municiple bonds has always been considered a safe bet as the governing authority can raise taxes to satisfy the debt but with its bankruptcy, it looks like it will be pennies on the dollar if anything is paid out. But detroit is another beast altogether.

Comment Re:Is Grandma Still Grandma? (Score 2) 54

So, when is Grandma no longer Grandma?"

Define "grandma"

You are asking the wrong question. When you know what "grandma" is, then the question of "when is it not 'grandma' ?" becomes quite obvious. You'll never get to the answer if you keep asking the wrong questions.

If you are a philosopher, you are a poor one.

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