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Comment Re:Comparative sacrifice (Score 1) 273

Malala gets this one hands-down. Both made very important statements we must pay attention to, but a fucking headshot beats hanging out in a Russian airport IMHO.

I disagree, strongly. Have you actually listened to her speeches? Sample:

"If you want to see peace in Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan; if you want to end the war; to fight against the war; then instead of sending guns send books,â

Riiiiiiiiiiight. The only reason she's so popular is because she's a harmless photo-op for politicians who are sitting around doing noting. While everyone is happy to talk about little girls not getting to go to school because the Taliban blew up their school, nobody seems interested in the widespread murders of civilian boys and men, or conscription.

Most people think there's this massive imbalance in literacy rates. It's about 9%, between men and women.

That's unfortunate, but it hardly compares to the mass worldwide surveillance and conspiracies - or the courage required to acquire all those documents, leave your life behind, and kick a world power in the teeth.

Comment Re:Fucking idiots (Score 1) 1532

This might be true. It certainly wss what i was thinking.

Interestingly, I have heard stories that they placed barracades around the WWII monument and a few others in washington. Evidently a WWII vet saw it and tore it down and started taking people to see it. I need to verify it as i haven't seen it in print yet.

Comment Re:The Blame Game (Score 1) 1532

According to cnn, ohio's average premium will rise 42 percent. Pbs reported that the premiums in Indiana will jump 72 percent. I don't think that is spread over 10 years either. I'm traveling until friday and have to use my phone for internet access or i would paste some links and try to average them out.

I guess most of the exchanges caught fir and kicked puppies today so it might be a little while before we have some fresh numbers.

Comment Re:The Blame Game (Score 1) 1532

As for the "train wreck"You sir do not know what you are talking about.None of what you say is true.Which makes your chosen name appropriate.Obamacare didn't cost jobs, employers did.Obamacare didnt cause cuts in hours, employers did.Obamacare didnt cause hiring freezes, or lost coverage, employers did.Obamacare also does NOT cut medicaire.These are all republican lies.

and the sun doesn't rise and set because of the rotation of the earth, it because the rooster calls to it.

They are claiming they are doing it because of obamacare. The reason they can do it is because of obamacare.

As for the "train wreck"

so you know it was a democrat that said it was a train wreck. Here is a hint that might help you from looking like a rabid idiot. Don't read more into what was posted then what was posted. Even if all the name calling you jumped to in the top of your post is true, the entie world understands tou still need to move up in order to be my equal. You post provs that much. Know go troll somewhere else.

Comment Re:Fucking idiots (Score 1) 1532

You might have a point if congress wasn't a democratically elected body with the specific duty to legislate and advocate for those that elected them.

What you are trying to do is equate cops and snow skiers with bank robbers only becauee thry might have a mask or a gun. Of course yhe problem is that they are supposed to have them.

WTF has happened to thr critical thinking abilities on this site?

Comment Re:The Blame Game (Score 1) 1532

From what i have been able to tell, you are in the minority. The CBO and obama himself has stated the majority of coverage plans will increase in cost. The biggest problem is that family coverage which was largely covered by the employer are having to take on the costs the employer used to pay.

As for using the emergency room for the sniffles, you are still subsidising it because they will continue to do it. Go to any emergency room after 5pm and you will find medicaid people there because the clinic or doctors office is closed. These ae people who lack planning and/or respect for money. I took a guy to the er after a siezure and had some girl hit on me who was there for a bee sting. I have other stupid anecdotal evidence of this crap too.

Comment Re:The Blame Game (Score 1) 1532

No, i belong in the "lets not harm people because ideology is more important than the person" school of thought.

If you look, i didn't say i supported the shutdown, i said the ac's malice is misappropriated. The same buning villages argument can be made about keeping obamacare intact. That is the problem with putting ideology over the people.

Comment Re:The Blame Game (Score 1) 1532

Or, they are desparately trying to avoid hurting the people. Obamacare has already cost people with cuts in hours, lost coverage, and hiring freezes.

Btw, the train wreck comment came from a democrat who sponsored obamacare, not a republican. I'm also surprized you mentiond medicare as obamacare cuts it and dumps quite a lot of seniors over to private insurance that they have to pay for. I guess privatizing medicare is ok after all?

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