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Comment Re:They're making friends like nobody's business! (Score 1) 243

What was the problem with unloading Symphony on consulting support based upon LibreOffice? Given that this is a business they want to be rid of, I would expect they would not need to bolt proprietary stuff on to it any longer.

Regarding MariaDB support, I think you're correct that they're treating it as a competitor. This wasn't really the case for MySQL. IBM provided a supported version of MySQL.

Comment Re:Decent comparison (Score 1) 378

Git is much faster than Subversion

Really? What a baseless statement. No benchmarks whatsoever!

So you haven't actually used both of them. Got it. I used and advocated SVN for a long time - to the point that my Git-using friends were teasing me about "legacy systems" and all that. I finally caved in one weekend and tried Git, and after about an hour started converting all my personal repos over to use it. It was so much faster (and so much better at merging) that I never looked back after that day.

Git is faster than SVN. Also, steel is stronger than bubblegum and the Space Shuttle is faster than a Cessna. I don't feel the need to run benchmarks or quote figures to "prove" any of those statements.

Comment Re:More Startling still......... (Score 1) 91

Sigh.. Reagan raised, not cut capitol gains.

The downsizing has to do with the inefficiencies inherent with unions- one of the key factors in why GM needed bankruptcy and a government bailout.

The venture capitalist dismantling businesses was because the businesses were worth more closed and liquidated then open and producing. This was a product of poor management, high regional labor costs (unions) compared to globalized labor costs, and a high cost of business from regulation and market forces. It had little to do with capitol gains outside of changing the amount needed for profit. The change in the amounts needed for profit was minute compared to the other costs. People were liquidating businesses long before the capitol gains rate changed under Clinton. The real enemy you saw was globalization of the market place.

Comment Re:They're making friends like nobody's business! (Score 1) 243

IBM is most visible around Apache OpenOffice. What they are doing around MySQL v. MariaDB is tacit support through inaction. They didn't turn to supporting MariaDB or another MySQL version when Oracle de-supported MySQL on IBM platforms. They did something similar during Oracle v. Google - they chose just that time to abandon the Harmony project and commit to Oracle's JDK.

Comment Re:Let's hope no one needs... (Score 1) 91

The vast majority of people experienced famine and/or pestilence at some point before the beginning of the last century, generally several times during their life.

And yet the vast majority survived. I never said there wasn't hardships, I said they got by.

The rest of what you say exists only in your mind. Discounting suicides, life expectancy increased during the great depression.

BTW, the great depression was largely caused by government interference within the free market (price controls and trade wars with Europe). I know that someone you find authoritative like your grandma might have told you different, but pick up a history book and get your information from a real source.

Comment Re:good (Score 3, Informative) 243

If they own the copyright, they are free to relicense a piece of data

Sorry to be pedantic, but replace "a piece of data" with "a work of authorship". If there isn't the creative work of a human being involved, it's not copyrightable. And then we get to this:

17 CFR 102(b) In no case does copyright protection for an original work of authorship extend to any idea, procedure, process, system, method of operation, concept, principle, or discovery, regardless of the form in which it is described, explained, illustrated, or embodied in such work.

And that means that even when the hand of man is involved, a lot of things are still not copyrightable.

Comment They're making friends like nobody's business! (Score 3, Interesting) 243

Let's look at what Oracle is doing. I'll start the list of moves that appear to be intended to alienate the community around the very software they're promoting and cause the Open Source community to create viable forks that end up absconding with the product and its market. You guys contribute additional examples...

  • Oracle v. Google regarding Java and the premise that APIs are copyrightable.
  • Apache OpenOffice v. LibreOffice (which has a full-time negative publicity generator in Rob Weir).
  • MySQL v. MariaDB.

IBM isn't known for dumb moves, but partnering with Oracle on this sure is one.


Comment Re:Let's hope no one needs... (Score 1) 91

What on Earth are you talking about? Education in America has been handled by the (local) government going all the way back to the settlement of the new colonies.

Obviously, I forgot to spell it out.. federal and state government as in the government. Local governments dabbled in public education but it wasn't consistent or always available in every city.

Also, America is exceptional in that it always had high literacy rates, but in other countries, literacy has increased directly proportionally to the amount of involvement by the government, and higher standard of living is directly co-related to the participation of government with the "big-state" countries of Europe such as Germany and Scandinavian countries consistently outperforming the "small state" countries such as the US (yes, by developed world standards the US is a low taxes, small government country).

I'm not sure how higher standard of living is connected with adequate food, shelter, and education for the majority of the population. I'm sure with a base line, the rest will follow but you have missed the entire point.

Comment Re:Beware of the next step (Score 2) 337

So offensive appellations are okay if enough people (who are not the people being referenced) use it?

I know you were making a different point but your wording leaves me to point out that it isn't ok. Otherwise the terms wetback, niggar, spic, would all be common and acceptable in today's society.

  The fact of the matter is that the term Teabagger is a derogatory term and only caught on after someone went to a protest with the intentions of degrading people calling them teabaggers and those protesters had no clue about what the term meant.

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