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Submission + - Slamdance updates, Toblo readmitted

Rob T Firefly writes: "In a posting on their website, the organizers of the Slamdance Guerilla Games Competition have updated their response to the controversy surrounding the blacklisting of Super Columbine Massacre RPG! (as reported previously on Slashdot here, here, and here.) They place the blame for the game's removal on the potential legal battles which could result from showing it to the public.

From the posting:
This is not a case of Slamdance lacking courage, sponsor disapproval of showing Danny's game or wanting to control freedom of expression. Simply and practically, Slamdance can't afford to take on the scope of this potential loss by showing the game to the public.
Slamdance now plans to hold a panel discussion regarding the controversy on January 21st.

In a related story Toblo, one of the seven games which was withdrawn by creators in protest of SCMRPG!'s blacklisting, has been readmitted to the festival by the school the creators attend. This was done without the consent of the creators, who have responded with their disapproval on the game's website, affirming their refusal to present or accept any awards on behalf of the game. They will, however, use their existing travel arrangements to attend the festival and Slamdance's discussion panel."
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Submission + - School Pulls Wi-Fi Network On Fears of Radiation

s31523 writes: "Wi-Fi networks have become a ubiquitous entity, popping up in homes, restaurants, coffee shops, schools and the workplace. This trend of wireless communication is likened to the cell phone craze that started in the late 90's which quickly prompted a electromagnetic radiation scare that caused rumors of brain tumors and cancer. Looks like Wi-Fi networks are heading down the same path. The BBC is reporting that some schools are pulling their Wi-Fi networks after "complaints from parents that their children suffer headaches". From the article: " Some are concerned that we don't know enough about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation — the radio waves that allow the computer network to transmit (along with longwave, FM and TV and phone frequencies). For others, headaches and skin rashes — that they feel are due to the radio waves — are prompting a big switch off." Is this another chicken little phenomenon or is there really a need for concern?"

Submission + - Holiday Buyer's Guide For The Computing Enthusiast

MojoKid writes: "This holiday season there are lots of new gadgets and toys to choose from in an effort to bring a smile to the face of that special digitally connected someone in your life. But what if that someone is a dyed-in-the-wool computing enthusiast or do-it-yourselfer? HotHardware has a Holiday Buyer's Guide published that offers the best of the best in component selection ideas, for the killer gaming rig, overclocker's dream and budget systems. From CPUs to graphics, drives, memory, LCDs and power supplies, the best of the best are showcased here."

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