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Comment Re:Time to go Legit? (Score 2) 300

Because that would give us an excuse for a conventional military strike against them. As long as what they're doing is illegal, they can pretend to be petty gangsters to be dealt with by local law enforcement. Do you really think the our politicians would sit on their hands if the drug cartels tried to seize power and pretend to be a real country?

Comment Re:Given that you and your friends (Score 1) 1319

Well, to be fair, if you're going to use the USSR and the PRC as an example of societies ran by engineers, I'd just like to get right back at you by pointing out Iran and Saudi Arabia as countries ran by irrational morons who consider authority and tradition (which is all religion amounts to) as superior to evidence or proof.

Comment Re:Why so much disbelief in aliens among scientist (Score 4, Insightful) 128

Because if what we've found so far is at least a somewhat representative sample, the overwhelming majority of planets tend to be either gas giants, frozen balls of rock and ice, or roasted balls of rock and lava. You have to be terribly imaginative to see life coming up on worlds like that.

Of course, even if we go by 1 in 700, or 1 in a million for that matter, the Milky way ought to be positively teeming with life. We simply don't have enough data to make a meaningful conclusion either way yet.

Comment Re:7 oz of material returned (Score 4, Informative) 65

there isn't that much additional fuel involved in bumping the payload up from a single serving soda to a family size 12 pack, is there?

For a retun trip to mars, the mass ratio is around 100 parts fuel for 1 part sample return. It scales pretty linearly. It doesn't matter that it spends most time coasting, you have to accelerate it to the same delta-v regardless of the mass.

Comment Re:will never use it (Score 2) 800

And in the 16th century, most people in this world didn't want to be "book literate", they just wanted to work their feudal lord's land. Face it, computer literacy is becoming a basic social requirement as much as being able to read, write and operate a motor vehicle. If someone proudly claimed "I don't do reading, that shit's for geeks", we'd be justified in looking down upon them. That is equally the case for people who display their complete ignorance of "computer literacy". And Apple is partly to blame for making it socially acceptable to be an uneducated moron and proud of it.

But hey, who gives a shit about security, privacy, DRM, free software et all when IT JUST WERKS! HURR IT'S MAGICAL!!!1

Comment Re:will never use it (Score 1) 800

It's the "stirp away everything else" part that bothers people who aren't in on the Jobsian cult.
You've found your "target market". Great. That's no damn reason to take away the choice. Or, if "people who are intimidated by choice" is a part of your target market, at least stop pretending to be a respectable company and fess up to peddling to retards. They won't care either way.

Seriously, sitting "computer-illiterate" people behind macs is the tech equivalent of peddling crack to school kids. You have to educate them, not profiteer off their ignorance.

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