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Comment Reminiscing (Score 1) 192

The best part of the entire linked-to page was the email addressing at the bottom of the announcement. UUCP paths. Those truly were the days.

Comment Re:Android phone (Score 1) 171

You have to have an Apple ID, yes. That, however, does not have any public reflection. It's just an account, used for things like the iPhone app store. You can make several ID's and use different ones for different purposes. You do not need to have a email address, a Ping account, or turn on iCloud.

Comment Re:Nothing new here... (Score 1) 224

And Solaris LDOMs are far different than the old E10K partitions as well. LDOMs (Logical Domains, though I think in Solaris 11 they renamed it from in Solaris 10) are very much LPAR-like. You also get something like the AIX VIO server in that you give the hardware to a "controller" LDOM and then it can either use it directly or virtualize it out to other LDOMs. It actually isn't the most pleasant thing to configure, but once set up works well. The only thing is that it's not really useful on the smaller systems, certainly I wouldn't want to partition a T-series using a heavyweight technology like this. But for the huge M-class servers, it's pretty decent.

Comment Re:Zones (Score 5, Informative) 224

Given that Zones can have:
different login identities
different network interfaces
different hostnames
different hardware available to them (disks, adapters, etc.)
be configured to use resource pools thus different amounts of cpu, floating or fixed

Yes, I'd say they are much more useful than chroot.

Comment Re:This is good (Score 1) 231

Yes, god forbid actors make less than the absurd millions they currently earn for less, easier work than some people do every day. If Hollywood salaries were on par with the rest of the country, that would trickle down through the cost of the movies, and people could more easily afford to go out to the theatre, buy DVD's, etc.

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