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Guaranteed Transmission Protocols For Windows? 536

Michael writes "Part of our business at my work involves transferring mission critical files across a 2 mbit microwave connection, into a government-run telecommunications center with a very dodgy internal network and then finally to our own server inside the center. The computers at both ends run Windows. What sort of protocols or tools are available to me that will guarantee to get the data transferred across better than a straight Windows file system copy? Since before I started working here, they've been using FTP to upload the files, but many times the copied files are a few kilobytes smaller than the originals."

Comment Re:ha ha (Score 1) 466

Sorry, but I must disagree with you. The distribution of the movie is the illegal act. Downloading it is not illegal since he did not redistribute it. Copyright is about distribution not consumption. Was it an unprofessional and asshat move to review an 0mG 1337tZ pr3-r3le4se movie? Yes. Did he violate the law? No.

Comment ragdoll cat.. you'r kidding, right? (Score 1) 1032

Please do your homework before purchasing a cat. Ragdoll cats are just as likely to run away from a rat as to attack it. They are extremely docile and won't even defend themselves when they are being attacked by another cat. If you want to get a good rat catching cat do your homework and speak with the group you are adopting it from.

The Internet

2/3 of Americans Without Broadband Don't Want It 538

Ant writes in with news that won't be welcomed by the incoming US administration as it tries to expand the availability of broadband Internet service. A recent report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project indicates, as noted by Ars Technica, that two-thirds of Americans without broadband don't want it. "...when we look at the overall reasons why Americans don't have broadband, availability isn't the biggest barrier. Neither is price. Those two, combined, only account for one-third of Americans without broadband. Two-thirds simply don't want it. The bigger issue is a lack of perceived value."

Comment Re:Trade-offs of a 9/80 work week (Score 1) 1055

Why does it matter which of the Fridays you get paid on? As long as ((money in) >= (money out)) over any reasonable length of time greater than two weeks, shouldn't it all come out the same at the end?

It's not a function of payables vs. receivables. It's a function of happiness. Seeing more money in your account than the day before should make one happy. ;)

Comment Trade-offs of a 9/80 work week (Score 4, Informative) 1055

The company I work for just switched to a 9/80 a few months ago. We're a little different since we have a schedule A and a schedule B, so only 1/2 the people are at work any given Friday. It's had some ups & downs.

Here's what I see as the positives:
1. Having a 4 day work week every other week rocks!
2. Getting paid on the Friday where I work 5 days makes it all the more bearable.
3. Easier to get chores, errands done since everyone else is at work.
4. I get more work done during the last hour of every 9 hour day than any other hour.

Here's the negatives:
1. It's a PITA to schedule meetings.
2. Sometimes I travel and it seems to always fall on a week where I'm supposed to be off that Friday.
3. Customers are annoyed because they're not on the same schedule and aren't understanding that it won't be until Monday before I get back to them.
4. I feel like I have less time to get work done since every other week I only work 4 days.
5. More free time means I spend more money.
6. Getting to work while it's dark & leaving when it's dark is depressing.

Comment Economics FTL! (Score 1) 24

Inflation was a lot higher over the last decade than the "official figures", because food, fuel, and housing were removed from the index. Under the same rationale, fuel and housing price decreases shouldn't be figured into any "deflation index" - so either the books were cooked all along (which we now know to be the case), or this sectors' deflation is just an adjustment to reality.

My economics teacher in college pointed this same thing out 4 years ago. He already viewed the Federal Reserve system with a bit of disdain and was concerned that the various indexes they use to measure things were inaccurate at best.

I learned a lot in that class. The main thing I learned was to not trust any numbers without finding out exactly where they came from.

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Journal Journal: Employeed and looking

My work is an okay place, but it lacks some major items I would like, such as healthcare and a structured work environment. So I'm looking for somewhere else to work.

In July I updated my resume. In September I updated it again. So during Thanksgiving I pulled up an old cover letter, cross referenced it with a cover letter my brother recently wrote, and came up with an updated cover letter.

Comment sweet (Score 1) 4

Thanks for the link to the BBC! I've been trying to find a good resource to help me learn a bit of Spanish in a fun way.

Comment Re:Will the Google project resume now? (Score 0, Interesting) 185

It's my understanding that a DMCA take down notice has to be signed "under penalty of perjury" in order be valid.

No, you have to sign "under penalty of perjury" that you represent the company whose rights are being infringed, and that you have a "good faith" belief that the work is infringing.

The work (CoreAVC for Linux), did in fact have a reverse-engineered system for emulating (breaking) the copy protection in CoreAVC. The DMCA takedown itself wasn't bogus, nor was any perjury involved.

It's use was inappropriate, however, as the software was designed to benefit our customers, rather than principally as a "circumvention device" (keygen, crack, etc.). Our policy is to go after people distributing illegal copies of our software, not customers finding new ways to use it.
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Journal Journal: anyone protesting on Saturday? 3

So who is protesting on Saturday? Feel free to respond as an anon coward if you wish :-)

I agree with the concept of the federal government investigating the "church" of scientology a little closer, but I'm not sure I agree with Anonymous as a whole. Anonymous started on 4chan/7chan and has a very hazy and immature past..

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