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Comment Re:Virtualbox was always my favorite (Score 1) 417

Enterprise Solution - Solvent used for dissolving piles of cash in corporate vaults.

LOL. That is absolutely true at least for the company I work for.

One thing I've noticed though, is that where the 'enterprise solution' comes from entirely depends upon the decision by corporate to buy it to dissolve excess cash on hand. For some reason they don't seem to bat an eye at spending millions of dollars for any solution that carries the Microsoft brand, even though it inevitably is less interoperable than alternatives, but they balk at paying licences for Redhat or Suse products, regardless of the actual cost. Maybe Redhat, Suse and other vendors need to add some kind of strawberry flavoring to their enterprise solution.

Comment Re:I really really hope this is appealed (Score 1) 473

I think you're using definitions at odds with both common usage and political theory.

We have a Democratic Republic, one of the many forms of Democracy.

You're right in that these days, the uninformed have an almost religious believe in "democracy". The folks who founded this country had no illusions as to its dangers. You will note that neither the work democracy, nor any forms or subset of same appears in the Constitution. However, it is stated quite plainly in article 4, section 4 that "The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government".

A democracy is two wolves and a sheep getting together to decide what's for lunch.

What we have here, in modern parlance is a representative republic.

Comment Re:ePub (Score 1) 348

ePub is modified HTML. Or rather, it's just strict XML with stylesheets, bundled up into a zip file. That's it. If you can make a web page, you can make an ePub.

I find calibre to be a wonderful tool for creating/converting simple ebooks. Runs on Linux/Windows/Mac


Haven't tried it with anything really complex yet though.

What I really like, is that I can take a Project Gutenberg e-text, and easily convert it from plain text to epub in seconds.


Wine 1.2 Release Candidate Announced 165

An anonymous reader writes "After evolving over 15 years to get to 1.0, a mere 2 years later and Wine 1.2 is just about here. There have been many many improvements and plenty of new features added. Listing just a few (doing no justice to the complete change set): many new toolbar icons; support for alpha blending in image lists; much more complete shader assembler; support for Arabic font shaping and joining, and a number of fixes for video rendering; font anti-aliasing configuration through fontconfig; and improved handling of desktop link files. Win64 support is the milestone that marks this release. Please test your favorite applications for problems and regressions and let the Wine team know so fixes can be made before the final release. Find the release candidate here."

Woman Claims Wii Fit Caused Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome 380

Amanda Flowers always liked her Wii Fit but now she can't get enough of it. Amanda claims a fall from her balance board damaged a nerve and has left her suffering from persistent sexual arousal syndrome. From the article: "The catering worker said: 'It began as a twinge down below before surging through my body. Sometimes it built up into a trembling orgasm.' A doctor diagnosed her with persistent sexual arousal syndrome due to a damaged nerve."

Comment Re:Because selling "Shine on you crazy diamond IV" (Score 1) 601

I have yet to hear an entire Pink Floyd album played on the radio.

That probably just means you're too young to remember radio stations whose format was termed "album rock". I've heard Dark Side, Animals, Wish You Were Here, and Meddle all played as entire albums on the radio. DJs loved it back then because it gave them nice long breaks. These days where everything is computerized, it's not an issue. Hell, I can set my computer up on random play with no repeats and it'll run for a month before it runs out of material.


The Final Release of Apache HTTP Server 1.3 104

Kyle Hamilton writes "The Apache Software Foundation and the Apache HTTP Server Project are pleased to announce the release of version 1.3.42 of the Apache HTTP Server ('Apache'). This release is intended as the final release of version 1.3 of the Apache HTTP Server, which has reached end of life status There will be no more full releases of Apache HTTP Server 1.3. However, critical security updates may be made available."

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