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Comment Will be resolved CRIA favour (Score 5, Interesting) 280

This will be settled ASAP by CRIA. They simply can't risk this case coming anywhere close to a decision. If they 'win' they set a precedent that borrwing files is OK. If they lose, well, they lose big!

When they settle, they will have strong 'proof' that they 'represent the artists' and will use that to help their cause. This will be over in weeks, the actualy lawsuit is just a bargaining tactic.

Moving on...

Comment how does that parallel port work for you? (Score 1) 557

everything has a PS option these days. I replaced an aging lexmark model K tank with a lightweight, fast lexmark 250dn duplex/network. Of course it has 16M, PS3, PCL6 etc.

The real problem with the K was the ports - it has a paralell port and an optional, wonky, lexmark 10Mpbs tcp/ip adapter. that worked sometimes.

Are we all sure USB and 100M will be the standard in ten years?

Never used the offical lexmark drivers with the 250dn. it just works. I'm at 7000 pages over last two years. Shrugh.

Comment Re:Prior art? (Score 3, Interesting) 307

No, the prius is a paralell hybrid with electrical and fuel storage. The gas engine can drive the wheels directly. The electric motor can also drive the wheels directly without the gas engine running.

Locomotives wheels are only driven by electric motors, and the electricity comes from the gas engine. There is no direct connection between diesel and wheels. There is also almost no electric storage between diesel and electric motors, so if the diesel engine stops, the electric motors stop.

The prius real advance is the ability to manage and smoothly use whatever power source is best suited at any time.

Comment Re:Where do I sign up? (Score 1) 602

Fifty years of the most luxurious lifestyle imaginable, every financial dream at your dospaoals, walthy than the ealthiest kings - without all the hassle.

Sweet lord is SD ever slow. Preview is like torture. I skipped it. Can you tell. Still took 4 minutes to post this...

Comment Where do I sign up? (Score 4, Interesting) 602

Fifty years of the most luxurious lifestyle imaginable, every financial dream at your dospaoals, walthy than the ealthiest kings - without all the hassle.

Followed by 2-5 years in prison and a quiet death?

I'll take it. Where do I sign up?

Real punishment would be making him work to pay something - ANYTHING- back. Not to the people he fleeced, who were almost as greedy, but to soceity as whole. Now taxpayers have to pay to house and feed this guy! Make him work as a waiter, or cold call salesman or some other crap drop until he drops dead. Every penny gets invested into a trust fund for children's education or some other noble cause.

Comment Re:What?^2 (Score 3, Interesting) 103

You are comparing the PS3 CONSTANT speed, to the MAXIMUM speed of the 360.

The 360 DVD, like most DVD reads tracks on the outer edge of the DVD faster than it reads them on the inside.

BD discs are read at a constant speed, from start to finish.

The 360 *average*, on a full disk, around 64Mbps.

and finally, Xbox uses 12xDVD, not 16 as you used.

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Pong for the PS/3 with a twist (of the wrist)

Bram Stolk writes: "I've written a pong game for the PS/3. But this is pong with a twist (of the wrist). You control your paddle with a Wiimote. Running Linux on your PS/3 enables you to interface with any bluetooth device, such as Nintendo's Wiimote. The source of Wiipong/3 is available."

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