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Comment What the hell? (Score 5, Insightful) 324

Seriously, as a Canadian this disgusts me. The EU, the US... What the hell gives these assholes the right to demand ANYTHING?

Makes me absolutely sick to read this. There is nothing wrong with Canada's laws. And that is exactly why they want it changed, so there IS something wrong with it to throw the balance off hugely in favour of coporations.


Comment Re:Wasted time (Score 1) 389

Torrenting has nothing to do with it that's for damn sure unless you start downloading random EXE files and running them, and not doing that is just common sense. I think you need to draw a distinction between intelligent torrent users and fuckwits.

It's about intelligence. I don't run any anti-malware software beyond a small program that tells me when something is added to startup, services etc... (Even the hidden stuff we're not supposed to know about.) And that's it. In the last seven years I've had one incidence of something getting through and it was relatively painless to fix.

I used Linux for years and would routinely have to fight with the graphics driver, stuff would randomly stop working... Also I'm a gamer, WINE just doesn't cut it, and the fact is Linux just doesn't do what I need a lot of the time so I stopped using it.

Comment Re:HandBrake? (Score 0) 619

Except Xvid has always been open and works just fine across multiple devices.

X264 is a terrible standard, with various files and options breaking support on some devices and programs. Other files just won't play at all. It just creates tedious compatibility issues.

I have files that play in some programs and devices, not others. That that are supposedly supported (like my iPod Touch), the iPod can't recognize. In short, x264 encoding is a giant clusterfuck compared to Xvid, which I know will just work on my Xbox, my DVD player, my portable media player etc... (Only device it won't is my iPod.)

And as the comment below said Handbrake is just another utility using ffmpeg etc...

Comment Re:I haven't used DIVX in years (Score 2, Informative) 619

It's depressing to see x264 become so ubiquitous as it seems very fractured. I have devices that will play some videos, but not all.

Bitch all you want about Divx, but if I want something that will stream to my Xbox without fail, play on my DVD player... Divx/Xvid is the only option.

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