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Comment The next game will be... (Score 1) 222

The Hero of Time will probably be the next Zelda story-line game Nintendo releases... it was a pretty good story line IMHO. It would not surprise me that Nintendo compensated them for the story (I'm sure not much for it being infringement) and will mangle it for their own liking. Any takers?

Comment Re:Local admin rights? (Score 1) 605

Why not simply work on virtual machines? Then you know they are clean and you can have all the rights you want and still have comply with company rules.

Ok, so a virtual machine can be created on the fly with a few mouse clicks (and blown away just as easily), but I guess I don't see your point? Virtual Machine or not, you still have an OS to administer and apply your operating/security guidelines to. And if you have a stream-lined IT shop, then maybe the distance to walk to go power on the physical server might be the only deterrent.

In a lot of environments, setting up a good seperation is simply to costly in time, so you either end up with dev's with not enough rights to do their job or to many where they can endanger systems they shouldn't.

Totally Agreed. It seems like in any development environment I've had to set up for Project XYZ or Prototype ABC, the separation and security needs to be there, but it seems it's always a rush job and Manager John Doe wanted it done "yesterday" when you found out about it "today". If you get development environments without the permission(s) to do their job, then you need a better SysAdmin or at least one with a better clue.

So it should not be needed to have local admin rights, but then the sysadmins got a hell of a job to setup everything so that it is not needed. Most sysadmins simply ain't capable of that, or if they are, are not given the time.

You hit the nail on the head. A lot of sysadmin's I've come across really lack a good wide-range of knowledge in areas they are getting paid to support and in turn, the Lone Ranger SysAdmin, who actually knows his stuff, gets stuck with it all. If you're organized, then it's just your time that gets stretched and your plate gets bigger. I know SysAdmin's can be way egotistical but I take a different approach and have a really good working relationship with my development team(s). I learn off them (e.g. new web technologies or the programming-language-of-the-day) and they learn from me (e.g. we got it set up, but now let's secure it, lock it down, establish user/group policies and get you access to what you need). It's almost impossible to know everything anymore and specialty positions are dwindling bigtime in the IT industry. If you're not a Jack-of-all-trades with a good head on your shoulders, then you're more able to sink quicker than swim anywhere anymore.

Comment Taken out of context, clearly. (Score 1) 870

It's not anti-technology at all. We, as humans, abuse things by nature. We use up resources, only to go find another resource to pilfer, etc. Look at how we consume natural resources for pete's sake. Same goes for technology. A good example of that is cell phones. Instead of using texting or pictures for what it's purpose was, we have teens 'sext'ing' on their phones, taking crazy viral photos/videos and clogging up the internet, updating their status every 5 minutes, ignoring reality and real contact for a digital one and hardly even know how to use the 10 digit keypad on the phone, its REAL intent: To call someone and not be tied to land line communication. Again, a lot of this going to be opinionated to a great extent, but the movie is almost a future, truth concept of technology than it is a contradictory for it, IMHO. Furthermore, you also can't tell me if our current world found an alien world, that we wouldn't rape it for all it's worth?

Comment bad ass... (Score 1) 175

This is bad ass and probably worth the $17 for the half-CPU cluster time. However, on a sour note, I can see it getting abused for it's short worth of security affirmation. With monetary gain at stake, I can imagine funding this service is going to far outweigh validating who's using it for malicious intent. It's a far stretch and would get rather expensive for some d0uch3b4g pwning neighboor networks, but if there a network of value to get into, the $17 (or $34) can't even fill my gas take.

Comment A complete contradiction on health... (Score 1) 286

If it's not one study condoning the intake of things like red meat because of known killers like heart disease (which shorten your life), and instead eat the "other" meat, such as fish, turkey, chicken, only to have *this* new study tell me I could live longer if I stay away from foods and specifically meats, such as fish and turkey, that contain amino acids that make me live less? Who are we kidding?

Comment High price tag? bah (Score 1) 112

$299 is not a high price tag. I clearly remember any gaming console experience I wanted to try was *always* around the ~$300 pricetag, from the last two decades of even recently (Xbox360, PS3, Wii, etc.). The main points in any survival and success of a gaming system is: 1) NOT being a hyped up, terrible design and cumbersome usability, 2) It's unique and starts a mad, new and wild gaming experience that everyone wants to try (a la Guitar Hero/Rockband) because point #1 lived up to it's purpose.

Comment Just use Usenet + hellanzb + DVD player (Score 1) 536

I've tried my many attempts at a MythTV HTPC setup and it truly is a lot of work and time. What really got me every time is exactly what the author stated: the many handful hack attempts to get everything to work right. I ended up sufficing back to using my useset + newzbin + hellanzb + hellavcr setup. For mainstream TV recording, it's *always* on Usenet somewhere with-in 40 minutes after showing and the whole point of a DVR is to watch your recorded shows after the fact. Then set up a Samba share (for WIndows) or NFS or use your samba share for your Linux hosts, lock it down and use `mplayer`'s "-cache" parameter and you're golden. I'm on my laptop much of the time anyway, so sitting in bed watching a show becomes pretty effort-less streaming it over the network or hooking my laptop to my LCD dvd (that has VGA-in port). If I want to watch DVDs, I either use `mplayer` again over the network or just burn the dang DVD image, because again... Useset is also useful for that and my newzbin indexing report service + hellafox makes it even easier.

Comment It's all about the personal value (Score 3, Interesting) 227

I think regardless of it's a typewriter, computer, laptop or whatever tool was used to create some literary genius's art simply comes down to obsession, personal value and inspiration at limitless cost. It's kind of a no-brainer that if there's enough followers to anyone's beloved work, regardless of what it is, there's always going to be the biggest fan with the deepest pocket book that is going to snatch it up because it fills some void in them, aspires them to do something similar, goes along with with their fanatic obsession of other collected items to or it's just a good damn conversation piece.

Comment The 11th thing is... (Score 1) 778

Being attached to a piece of technology at the hip where I can still get hampered with 'the-sky-is-falling' on-call calls when I'm *not* on-call, people I don't feel like talking to me can annoying me with phone calls/txts that I have to take the time to silence, my flip/touch-phone device for a bordem-killer to the point that it takes two years off it's design worth, knowing what time is ANY time of the day (it's actually nice not to keep track of time once in a while), yet another device I have to carry around with me besides my netbook/ipod/work-laptop/gps, etc. (unless you're an uber-UBER power phone user, I don't agree WTFA on that one totally), never knowing anyone's phone number anymore (leaves you dead in the water, especially when you leave your cell phone at home by accident), substituting nice, quality memorable photos from a good, quality digital camera for 1MP squashed ones, loosing total track of your walking and ability to dogde solid objects when trying to answer that important txt msg while on run or in the car (I've seen people almost kill themselves to fulfill that 160 character impulse). The list can go on and on... It's a mere trade-off for the extra added stress is causes us IMHO.

Comment Like your phone is just 'on'? bah. (Score 2, Insightful) 324

I'm not sure what type of phone ol' Woody Hobbs uses... but I think that's kind of a flawed analogy at best. Over the years, my phones from a cold start have taken easily 5 - 10 seconds to post up (...and that includes the gracious amount of Verizon Wireless foo that flashes around at the beginning) Regardless of the pounding Chrome OS is taking, 7 second boot up time with instant access is killer. Really that's not any less/more than my Acer AspireOne + LinuxMint coming back up from hibernation mode. I'm really anxious to give Chrome OS a spin. Just like people argue for the sake of arguing, I think it's safe to say people also ridicule for the sake of ridiculing.

Comment Great times! (Score 1) 87

I'm pretty excited. I did happen to see the Leonids back in 1998/1999 when they, according to professional space geeks, the best showing they could remember, and have watched annually ever since. If anything, these are the types of events that at least gets my children actively interested in the super unknown in the sky. However, it's not easy trying to make 50 'falling star' wishes come true for your kids either... that's if they make it to 0400 for the Leonids. The Persied's were much more time friendly this year (2130 - 2200 in the midwestern U.S. here)

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