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Comment To be 'sensitive' or not to be... (Score 1) 507

We've all been in situations where a new hot dog 'somebody' comes into the workplace, swings the dong around to show their intellect or to make their positional place in their new turf. Put your tenure and title away, along with his/her blunt explanation or criticism of your code for a second and I think what you have to consider is merely a few things:

1) Did he/she make you think about something you didn't consider before or how to handle?

2) Did he/she offer absolutely any real suggestions with proven code that will expand on what you did and make it better?

If it's 'no' to both, then tell that person to piss off. Because it's nothing more than someone wanting to hear themselves speak.

I have this happen to me all the time: People question what you, how do you, why you do, not because there's some sense to 'learn' from your experience, because they are just simpletons who try to be this all-knowing-intellect-goat and 'look good' in front of their peers.

I think if you have a perfect, well-balanced, engineered, methodical and concrete explanation WHY you did something, then I would consider the person's commentary as a fart in the wind and certainly as nothing more than being a typical douche-bag trying to hand out solutions-looking-for-problems.

Comment They probably just had good lawyers (Score 3, Interesting) 80

I've never personally used a rent-to-own service, but I can't imagine it's much fun when your marketed crowd is people who can't afford things outright, then specifically deadbeats who have zero intention of ever buying it and will go to great lengths to try and keep your merchandise.

But there's some shady about this whole story that just doesn't make a lot of sense. Why on earth would a rent-to-own company have a whole development team designing all this for them? I think there was a bit of wrongful intent on the company to want to try and steal some PII; maybe not use it themselves, but sell that information, sure.

Now being tied up with a legal battle, it's now easy for their lawyers to pull out the scapegoat that it was all about protecting their investment and assets. As much as I buy that, that's what the repo-man makes a living for. And if you're losing that many computer assets of non-payment or delinquency, then start selling bottom-line PCs and bring some pimple-faced Best Buy let-go in to oversell and dramatize the hell out of them for you. Or better yet, just stop selling them altogether.

Comment Tell my kids that, Tom! (Score 4, Funny) 589

Balloons are every kid's enjoyment for birthdays, special event or talking like an oompa-loompa, fun-hater Tom Welton. Good luck explaining that Hellium is essential to MRI equipment because it's low boiling point and keep magnets cool to kids who just want a Mylar balloon that says "Happy Birthday".

I think we need to reevaluate what's wrong and focus research towards re-engineering MRI machines or use different mediums to cool these differently. I've seen this in the news for almost the last decade and if it's such a dilemma. What's that famous Albert Einsetin quote? "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Comment Re:Honestly not that bad (Score 1) 646

It really isn't. I mean come on, a distro as large as Ubuntu is gonna need revenue from places other than donations. And, as long as it isn't too obtrusive in the UI, I won't really complain about it. Besides, there's always other flavors of Ubuntu which may have the ad feature removed.

Bah, don't try to console the masses with the it-won't-be-so-bad speech.

If there's a need for revenue then start doing subscriptions and tier off your desktop builds then with "innovative" feature sets that are specific and elegant to a UI experience.

Ad's piss people off and IMHO they will just drive people to build package sets an cust repos that rid the ads or just find Ubuntu alternatives. Shame on you, Ubuntu.

Comment I see it both ways (Score 3, Interesting) 630

I do have to say I do feel a bit of empathy for OP. I'm sure if I had to 'time' my bathroom breaks after going to a Mongolian grill for lunch, I'd be a bit embarrassed to mark that down as well. All jokes aside, I do go back and forth on this subject of time tracking. I'd say inherently, company time gets more abused than treated as a flexible privilege. At my work in salaried careers, I see people taking 'multiple' breaks during the day that total up to 'hours' (yes not an hour, hours), plus smoke breaks, plus water cooler talk, plus BS about random subjects at their desk, 2+ hour lunch breaks, showing-up-late-leave-early enough, work-from-home-because-I'm-expecting-the-UPS-guy, etc. that I start to question who tracks all this or even matches this all up on their time sheet at the end of the pay period. I don't have enough experience in call centers to really say why they are really driven on 'time' as their measurement medium. Bottom line, I like to keep things simple: Either some suit thought it would be a good idea to do that so they get a bonus for meeting some silly 'goal' they had to dream up or it's been enough of a abuse problem because employees have figured out bathroom breaks aren't measured against you and do not effect your bonus incentives, so to get an extra break, they claim a weak blatter.

Comment Is Jack Bauer going to get called in? (Score 1) 847

First of all, kudos to the witty chap who zoomed in on that clip board after taking the photo. But really, who are we kidding? Assange has always been 5 steps ahead of any dignified authority who is after him for all of this. I think it would be a little naive to assume he hasn't seen this coming and doesn't have a plan (and/or successor) to continue on.

Instead of exhausting resources on trying to figure how to get to one man in an embassy, why not shift those efforts to his network and minions doing the heavy lifting for him? This is starting to feel like a '24' episode right now... WWJBD.

Comment Use Linux and Call it good (Score 3, Interesting) 234

Why is documentation for *nix always so bad?""

For starters, I'm really tired of this /. *NIX is-too-hard ranting all the time on 'Ask Slashdot' posts. Don't be a n00b douche; if you don't get it, then spend some time and get it. Don't blame the documentation; dig in and figure out something for yourself for once. Sometimes you Nintendo-and-Mt-Dew generation make me want to throw up.

As for your solution, do-not go with some installable appliance-type distro like FreeNAS; yes it's *BSD under the hood, but you're at the mercy of what that 'focused' distro is goign to provide for you. Case in point: since you're undecided, go with a full-blown distro so you have some flexibility to grow and augment the mission and purpose of this server you're hosting data on.

Since you're clearly a n00b since it's coming to picking out a *NIX solution, go with anything Linux at this point, and set up the NAS services yourself (e.g. Samba/SMB, NFS, etc.) In turn, you'll be able to go to get better community support helping you out, you'll have more flexible OS configuration and growth, and you'll probably learn something to boot.

Also, you don't need to do union filesystem. Simple udev rules and auto mounting them under your top-level structure you're sharing out with your NAS services will do you just fine.

Comment Re:Problem solved for me (Score 1) 248

I have the unusual habit of paying writers directly after downloading their books on warez sites. So as far as I'm concerned, my books are paid for and readable by anyone who happens to inherit them after I die.

Not that I give a toss about what happens after I die, mind you...

Although I agree, I really don't because it doesn't sound you have you ever had to go through a deceased family members belongings and disseminate it between the immediate kin. For you and me in 50 years, we're talking about 'digital media' here on a boat-load of CDs, DVDs, or some sort of ssd/spinning storage media, not tangible items.

It was easy to inherit vinyl records, cassette tapes, books, developed photos, movies are a bit of a stretch (because home recording devices were VERY expensive back then), because you had them in your possession, could hold onto them, look at them at a glance and see their monetary or personal worth. Who's going to look at your stack of media and go through the trouble of finding an older technology device to see what's on it?

Comment Use a better power source and quit complaining (Score 5, Insightful) 202

I've had two Raspberry Pi's running side-by-side since June and I did initially experience 'network choke' as described but it was from improperly powering my Pi's. I was using a 5v microUSB adapter but with too low of an amp draw. Pay particular attention to what you're using as a power source would be my first bit of advice.

My second bit is a bit of a rip FTFA. The quote "As I said, the Pi is currently being worked over by a crowd of skilled techno-people" is a bit of a stretch. I'd say maybe20% of Pi users actually have their shit together with enough well-rounded-ness of hardware/EE/development in their background to be productive with the Pi. The other 80% are just trying to use this device as a $35 desktop replacement who want to try and hook up 4 1TB SATA devices to it, followed a long with a board load of "pamper-me" forum posts that will make a self-respective real "geek" nauseated.

Issues like this are seen ALL the time in the 'real hardware engineering world', and they are worked out. Let's not be so quick to judge this device all the time, and see the Pi for what it is: A very easy-to-work-with low cost ARM platform that far beats out the overheard of working with any SBC or emebedded hardware platform that would need JTAG, flash map, kernel/bootloader support to get going ...on your own.

Comment Re:But they don't HAVE any money! (Score 1) 360

This is the single most stupid statement ever. I dont know ANYONE that can afford photoshop. and all the kiddies torrenting music, really? you think all these kids have hundreds of dollars a week to spend on music?

Agreed. Although I'm on the inverse of that, because I really do have the extra budget to afford to go get the new music, movies and programs I seek. Why don't I? Because of two things: 1) Cost has skyrocketed and 2) The sharing model has turned against the consumer because of the mass digital medium with of distribution of it via the internet.

With the later, we, as consumers, are now 'punished' for sharing the content we purchased because Big Company thinks we need to pay for that very same content's royalties and personal use ownership copyright over and over and over again for every medium that it's provided by. I didn't see this when my friends and I were making high-speed dubs of tapes or recording a show via VHS/BETA from HBO, airwaves, PPV satellite, etc. and giving it to a friend to watch. It was all tangible distribution but a closed consumer market with 'who' they knew was going to pay for their services.

It's all greed. Because technology and the internet expanded Big Company's reach to 'everyone' in the world, their market truly is 'everyone', so they conjure up 'losses' based on what they could reach, not who they really reach as potential, paying consumers for their material.

Comment Only thing I'm excited for... (Score 2) 38

...is support for SPI and I2C. I'm hoping they've also applied (and tested) some of the latest kernel patches for GPIO interrupt support for the Pi. Only thing that makes this news for me is that I don't have waste the time side-building my own distro to get all this working (not to mention having a friendly ARM cross compiler, although crosstool helps with that immensely). I've grown really lazy as my years in Linux usage increase. Let the development begin.

Comment Boo to story submitter (Score 0) 404

"News for Nerds. Stuff that matters." Although I find stories of older men prying dead mice out of stray cats' mouths very riveting for about 2.5 seconds (which as already stated many times already, complete ODD), this isn't or should EVER be a slashdotted story. Ever. Period. Get back to the tech news, /.

Comment Jump on board United States (Score 0) 215

I am all for this type of exposure, not because I believe in total abiding. The issue I share with the Aussies is that people in this world as leeches to society. I know people who claim unemployment, get food stamps, state assistance, have nothig in their name, file for bankruptcy with a bunch of toys under their possession, etc. and are "professional sellers" on eBay, all the while shuffling funds to their PayPal account from the bank. It's pathetic and I feel no shame on ousting garage like that to lessen the debt on taxpayers like myself.

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