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Comment One way range. (Score 1) 311

The range bubbles are one way distance. To verify this look at the one surrounding Denver. Colorado is about 380 miles across, and the diameter of that bubble is slightly larger, so they have about a 200 mile radius. The advertized range for the two Tesla S models are 230 & 300 miles, so neither can drive from a charging station to the edge of a bubble and back.


Intel's Linux OpenGL Driver Faster Than Apple's OS X Driver 252

An anonymous reader writes "The open-source Intel Linux graphics driver has hit a milestone of now being faster than Apple's own OpenGL stack on OS X. The Intel Linux driver on Ubuntu 13.04 is now clearly faster than Apple's internally-developed Intel OpenGL driver on OS X 10.8.3. when benchmarked from a 'Sandy Bridge' class Mac Mini. Only some months ago, Apple's GL driver was still trouncing the Intel Linux Mesa driver."

Comment Re:Die, CDMA, die! (Score 2) 152

That would have been a short-sighted decision. CDMA was a much better upgrade path form our existing networks than GSM was and better suited for large rural areas, which the US has more of than western/central Europe. Where the FCC screwed up was that the way LTE frequency was allocated let to greater fragmentation, when it should have been an opportunity to improve compatibly and thus competition.

Comment Exactly because I'm not so special. (Score 4, Insightful) 321

If I'm not so special, then why do my mundane activities need to be recorded? What benifit does it serve? Certainly not mine; the activities being recording are so unexceptional the only people to gain by having a recording of them are my loved ones who want a momento of the event or people looking for dirt on me. If I don't know you, but you are sending video of me into some cloud service, then no good can possibly come to me as a result. The most likely outcome is that nothing will come of it. But that is also the best case. The less likely cases are that I could loose my job, or be convicted of some bullshit crime.

I can appreciate the argument that you shouldn't do things in public that you don't want people to know. However the areas that are considered a "public space" has been expanding conciderably to the point where your personal home is the only real private space. But people aren't solitary creatures. They need to be able to congregate with others like them without having their activities scrutinized by the entire world, just by the community that they are interacting with. We need freedom to not spend our lives living like a PR representative on the stage every hour that we are outside of our homes.

Comment No it's not. (Score 1) 155

LibreOffice is licensed under LGPL, like Sun was before it. Apache OpenOffice is licensed under the Apache license, which is more permissive than the LGPL. There is no problem using Apache licensed code with LGPL code, however the Apache Foundation refuses to use any license that is less permissive than Apache license in any of it's projects. It is one of the core tenants of the foundation. So OpenOffice can choose to merge into LibreOffice, but the opposite cannot happen short of getting every developer who has worked on LibreOffice/Go-OO over the past decade to agree to re-license their code.

Comment Yes, only 50 tax laws. (Score 1) 678

You're forgetting every county and municipal sales tax there might be.

The collection of these taxes isn't included in the bill that just passed.

When this came up years ago, there was a push for there to be one body per state responsible for sorting out all of the sales taxes (and to be the point of payment), so that it'd be closer to the problem you describe (although, you forgot DC and territories).

The bill that passed includes rules that require exactly that (and you forgot that some some states don't collect any sales tax).

Comment Re:bollocks (Score 1) 678

how is this 1 person suposed to handle tax law in over 2000 different locations?

They don't. The bill passed requires the internet sales/use taxes to be uniform for the entire state. So there are less than 50 sets or rules that the retailers have to deal with.

Secondly, you could say the same thing about credit card processing. How can a small mom and pop deal with the rigors and complexity of PCI compliance? They don't - they contract out the work to a credit card processor, and don't worry about it.

The same thing will happen here. These credit card processors already have the ability to handle collecting sales tax in every possible jurisdiction, because they already work with thousands of mom & pop's who combined span every possible tax jurisdiction. They will do all the work of computing, collecting, and tabulating all the taxes, and at most the mom & pop's will just have to file the forms that the processors give them.

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