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Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 496

I envy you. I've had to do installs for people who literally told me, "I don't know what Linux is I just know that I want it." and thought that "going into the code" meant editing a configuration file in their home directory. I'll let you assume what distro I installed for them.

Comment Re:As someone who has PTSD (Score 1) 54

Agreed. I knew a guy in my brigade who deployed in 2004 (about the time that shit was bad in Iraq). He can watch those movies and play video games, but he spent his entire enlistment bonus on meth. What I'm worried about is the habit that trolls have for say, exposing vets to pictures of gore or dead soldiers (Though I've never been on Second Life so I don't know how that works).

Comment Other countries are taking this a bit seriously. (Score 1) 150

The United States is just trying to keep up. Whether or not it's hysteria, we have had various attacks on critical components of our infrastructure, notably the power grid, from Russian and Chinese hackers. Iran also has an entire division devoted to cyber-warfare. I read in Soldiers magazine (I was at MEPS waiting to swear in) and saw an ad for a new unit of the Army, the Army Network Warfare Battalion, and they're looking for soldiers from the intelligence (35) and signal (25) fields, as well as those with CS and programming experience.

Vicariously Tour the National Ignition Facility 97

Dave Bullock writes "The National Ignition Facility (NIF) has been discussed several times over the years on Slashdot and just recently fired all of its 192 lasers. LLNL scientists predict NIF will attain ignition (controlled nuclear explosion) in 2010. For now, take a look at the photos I shot of NIF for when I toured it earlier this year."

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