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Comment CVS (Score 2) 177

I actually think CVS did more for "open innovation". Together with Sun sponsoring the various SunSites.

CVS was the first (at least widely used) free server based version control system, and it made it very easy for anyone with a server to setup a free software project. The SunSites were probably the most common hosting platform until SourceForge. Before CVS you either gave collaborators login access so they could work locally on your machine (GNU did that), or relied on sending patches, which Linus did for years. CVS made it so much more convenient. Especially with anonymous CVS which essentially allowed anyone to create their own "fork" that still tracked mainline. A very poor mans github.

CVS was buggy in design and replaced by SVN, and the DVCS's provided another leap ahead in collaboration, so CVS got a bad reputation. But for its time, it was a revolution at least as important as git.

Comment Re:MS Firefox FUD? (Score 5, Informative) 105

> Joking aside, I am kind of curious what thuis "as microsoft would have you beiieve" comment is coming from.

This blog post, which was linked to in the article. Especially the last section ("Full Hardware Acceleration is the Difference") would lead the reader to believe that the difference was architectural.

Comment Summary of the claims (Score 2) 179

Claim 1-3 cover all client server games with persistent data.

The oldest such game I know of is from 1971, but I'm sure there are examples predates that.

Claim 4-5 adds payment to that. That was not common on the early internet, but common on the for payment BBS's of the 80's.

Claim 6-7 adds "prizes" to the first claim, without defining the term. It would seem to cover any client-server game with a high-score

Claim 8-10 add a physical computer to the above claims: "No sir, this is not a software patent, it is a patent on software running on a computer. Totally different. Down with software patents!".

Comment Real data (Score 4, Informative) 410

Here is the EU data on the pesticide.

Some highlights: It is an insecticide, so it should not really surprise that it kills bees. The toxitity to honey bees is well known (LD50 = 0.004 ug/bee, which the document interpret as "high" risk). And it is approved for use in most EU countries, including Italy and Germany.

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