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Comment Re:All admins (Score 4, Interesting) 502

There is a potential for problems if a very manager with very insecure security tendencies asks a sysadmin for very important passwords. In some circumstances, the sysadmin might feel justified not handing the passwords over as it would compromise the security of the existing system.


British Video Recordings Act 1984 Invalid 340

chrb writes "BBC News is reporting that the British Video Recordings Act 1984 is invalid due to a 25 year old legal blunder. The Thatcher government of the day failed to officially "notify" the European Commission about the law, and hence it no longer stands as a legal Act. There will now be a period of around three months before the Act can be passed again, during which time it will be entirely legal to sell any video content without age-rated certifications."

Submission + - Well it's not as if you need rm, or cp, ls, touch. (

Ajehals writes: "So, sometimes people act before they think, sometimes that leads to problems that appear to the uninitiated to be catastrophic. But then the great thing about GNU/Linux, BSD and Solaris is that generally nothing is totally catastrophic, well almost nothing. In this case the problem occurred during an upgrade, the identities of the guilty will be obscured, but the lesson may be useful regardless."

Submission + - to start charging international users ( 2

tdobson writes: "The popular online radio service,, has announced that users outside of the UK, USA and Germany will need to start paying 3.00 (about $4.40 USD/£2.80 GBP) per month to continue streaming music on their service. doesn't offer much of a reason as to the change, other than writing on their blog that "There will be a 30 track free trial, and we hope this will convince people to subscribe and keep listening to the radio"

Already, there appears to be quite a backlash in responses so far, amongst subscribers and non-subscribers of all nationalities — has this killed's appeal, globally?"

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