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Comment Re:To avoid antitrust (Score 1) 248

<quote><p>There's no need to look for ulterior motives (like antitrust) for supporting Mac - all you have to do is look at SEC filings to see that the Microsoft's Mac Business Unit is quite profitable as a standalone entity. That's plenty of direct motive to keep supporting the platform.</p></quote>

Considering that they really have no competition, unless you are so foolish as to actually believe that OpenOffice or it latest sibling LibreOffice is actually any real competition, they cannot be anything but profitable. Perhaps if MS Office were still stuck at Office97 that might be true but certainly not today.

Comment Re:This could be a way out... (Score 1) 141

<quote><p>The way to address these patents IMO is to fight the corrupt system that gave them validity in the first place.</p></quote>

What you really mean is that you want someone else to do the hard work of development and then you or some other slimy socialist/fascist wants to use said development for your own nefarious purposes sans payment. Thank God that there are hard working people who want to develop or invent something with hopes of recovering their investment and making a profit rather than a group of scum bags who just want to feed off the sweat of others.

Comment Re:Blue Screen of Nuclear Death ? (Score 1) 467

So tell me, how many dollars has the *nix/BSD community contributed to society? Please list the hospitals they have build, the food they have supplied or other humanitarian deeds that they have preformed? I can see your problems with that question since the open-sore community is by and large a socialist/fascist group that expects to be serviced sans any reciprocity action of any kind.

Submission + - Microsoft's Voice Search for Xbox (

Pigskin-Referee writes: Microsoft said Sunday night that it plans to launch its fall update for its Xbox 360 game console, complete with voice search via Xbox Kinect, this week.

Microsoft also announced a significant number of related content partnerships, bringing most major services to the Xbox platform this week or by early 2012. On Dec. 6, Starting Dec. 6, a free Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone will let also let users find, learn more about and control content from popular entertainment services on Xbox LIVE.


Submission + - Microsoft at the heart of TV viewing (

Pigskin-Referee writes: Microsoft will push out an update to Xbox consoles Tuesday, designed to get consumers to turn on the device every time they flip on their televisions, not just when they want to play games.

Though most gamers will notice a dramatically different interface, and some will take advantage of more advanced voice-recognition controls, the real significance of the update is how boldly the software giant is putting itself at the core of the TV entertainment experience. Microsoft is partnering with 40 content providers from around the globe to significantly increase the amount of live and on-demand content available on Xbox.

Over the next month, Microsoft will add content in the United States to the Xbox from Verizon's FiOS TV, ESPN, and the Syfy channel among others. Next year, HBO Go and Comcast's Xfinity on Demand will come to U.S. customers. Many of the apps from partners are only available to customers who purchase an Xbox Live Gold Membership.

Microsoft is also adding new programming to the Xbox experience abroad. Canadian customers will get content from Rogers Media, Maple Leaf Sports, and TMZ, among others. And new programming will roll out in Europe, Australia and Asia.

Comment Re:I have problems with this (Score 1) 1319

It is worth noting that the great man produced little of scientific note later in life, mostly because he could not accept the evidence produced by the quantum scientists. If you allow your beliefs to interfeer with reality, you can no longer do science.

Most great scientific and mathematical breakthroughs are achieved by individuals before the age of 40. In fact, a large percentage is achieved before the age of thirty.. The mind, like everything else in the body, starts to slow down.

Most great scientists and mathematicians who are 50 years or more in age are living on their achievements accomplished decades earlier in their lifetime. It is consistent with virtually all athletes, etcetera.

Comment Three Strike Rule (Score 1) 108

If I am reading this correctly, the offender gets three warning (strikes) before any legitimate action is taken. May that should be extended to where the first to felony offenses are not counted against an individual. Show it be inferred that a burglar has two free attempts to ransack my home before I can call the police? Seriously, what moron conceived this idea?

Comment Re:We B OS (Score 1) 226

Well, the update service is to make up for the lack of an update system built into the OS...
The rest can really be done without.

Try Linux if you want sensible printer drivers, especially for HP printers... No helper apps, uses the update service already built into the OS etc.

Are you joking? Finding printer drivers compatible with Linux is hard enough. Finding ones that work with FreeBSD is virtually impossible. Good luck finding a Brother color laser printer driver that works on FreeBSD. I have had scores of ink-jet printers that have no drivers available under Linux.

And it gets worse. I have seen all to many cases where a printer will work under one applications but not another in Linux/*BSD. If I have a printer that absolutely, positive must work I use it via Windows. At least I am sure I can use the printer to its full capacity.

Comment Re:Recoup the lobby dollars (Score 1) 209

Without knowing anything about your father's work or home environment it is extremely difficult to ascertain how he might have contracted cancer. What amazes me is that your father died of cancer meaning that you are predisposed to developing it yourself and you continue to smoke yourself. I usually do not call people complete idiots; however, in your case I might make an exception. Seriously, are you suffering from depressions and trying to commit suicide? I mean this in the nicest possible way, get help and quite this smoking habit. It will be the nicest gift you can possibly give yourself or your family.

Comment Re:Recoup the lobby dollars (Score 1) 209

Wait - that went over my head. I drink coffee, and smoke cigarettes. I hate the government because the government taxes my cigarettes beyond any reasonable or rational expectation. Do I need any more reason to hate the government? I mean - anything else isn't even icing on the cake of hate, is it?

Cigarettes cause cancer. The user stands a good chance of ending up in a hospital or other medical facility. Whether in the US or some European country, this inevitably leads to others; id est tax payers, to foot the bill for these cigarette smoking morons. The very least any government can do is attempt to get as much money out of these parasites before they go on to become a ward of the state.

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