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Submission + - 4chan has been DDOSed

An anonymous reader writes: According to the 4chan status page all of the 4chan boards have been DDOSed and are down. How ironic.

Submission + - 4chan target of DoS attack! (

An anonymous reader writes: It seems that 4chan is being targeted by a DoS attack. Likely as revenge for the Opt Payback attacks that have been done by Anon.

First Measurement of Magnetic Field In Earth's Core 34

An anonymous reader writes "A University of California, Berkeley, geophysicist has made the first-ever measurement of the strength of the magnetic field inside Earth's core, 1,800 miles underground. The magnetic field strength is 25 Gauss, or 50 times stronger than the magnetic field at the surface that makes compass needles align north-south. Though this number is in the middle of the range geophysicists predict, it puts constraints on the identity of the heat sources in the core that keep the internal dynamo running to maintain this magnetic field."

Submission + - Google hack 'directed by Chinese politburo' (

Gravis Zero writes: BBC has a well written article about this revelation.

One cable, released by whistle-blowing site Wikileaks, cites a "well-placed" contact as saying the action against Google was "100% political".

A politburo member is said to have been angered after Googling his name and finding critical comments online.

The cable says it is unclear whether China's top leaders were involved.

There is also a video for all you tl;dr people.

I think it's only fair to ask China, "why so serious?"

Submission + - Wikileaks took advice from media outlets ( 1

formfeed writes: According to the AP (through Google News), Wikileaks isn't just sitting on the recent material so they can release it bit by bit to the press, as many people implied. On the contrary, it's quite the other way around: "only after considering advice from five news organizations with which it chose to share all of the material" are they releasing it themselves. These Newspapers "have been advising WikiLeaks on which documents to release publicly and what redactions to make to those documents"

AP questions whether Wikileaks will follow these redactions, but nevertheless seems quite impressed by this "extraordinary collaboration between some of the world's most respected media outlets and the WikiLeaks organization"

Comment Re:Uncanny Valley here we come! (Score 2, Insightful) 54

The faces do look real, but I am going to have to agree with the uncanny valley crowd here and say that they look creepy.....maybe it looks better on an hd tv than it does in the trailer, but damn those things were creepy.

It's chiefly because of the terrible (or rather, nonexistent) lighting. Seriously, it looks like global lighting from a 2002 game. I hope it's because it's only an alpha.


40 Million Year Old Primate Fossils Found In Asia 91

sosaited writes "It has been widely believed that our ancestors originated out of Africa, but a paper published in Nature by Carnegie Museum of Natural History scientists puts this in doubt. The paper is based on the fossils of four primate species found in Asia which are 40 million years old, during which period Africa was thought to not have these species. The diversity and timing of the new anthropoids raises two scenarios. Anthropoids might simply have emerged in Africa much earlier than thought, and gone undiscovered by modern paleontologists. Or they could have crossed over from Asia, where evidence suggests that anthropoids lived 55 million years ago, flourishing and diversifying in the wide-open ecological niches of an anthropoid-free Africa."

MIT Unveils Portable, Solar-Powered Water Desalination System 117

An anonymous reader writes "A team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Field and Space Robotic Laboratory has designed a new solar-powered water desalination system to provide drinking water to disaster zones and disadvantaged parts of the planet. Desalination systems often require a lot of energy and a large infrastructure to support them, but MIT's compact system is able to cope due to its ingenious design. The system's photovoltaic panel is able to generate power for the pump, which in turn pushes undrinkable seawater through a permeable membrane. MIT's prototype can reportedly produce 80 gallons of drinking water per day, depending on weather conditions."

Browser-Based Deep Space Nine MMO Coming In 2011 153

A publisher based in Germany has announced Star Trek: Infinite Space, a browser MMO based on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The game will be free-to-play, and it's planned for sometime in 2011. "Gameforge also contracted Michael Okuda, who served as scenic art supervisor for every live-action Star Trek series except for the original program, as a consultant. His wife Denise Okuda, who was a video supervisor and scenic artist for several of the sci-fi series' films and shows, will serve as a consultant, too."

Submission + - Primary WHOIS Servers Hacked, Apparently For Lulz (

Titoxd writes: Sophos reports that the primary WHOIS servers for the web at have been hacked, and that several high-profile websites (such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, MySpace, and others) have had their WHOIS records altered. The attack seems to be more of a nuisance than anything more serious.

Submission + - Previewing and Tweaking Ubuntu 10.10 ( 5

__aajbyc7391 writes: On September 1st, the Ubuntu development project issued the beta version of Ubuntu 10.10 — aka Maverick Meerkat — as a step toward achieving a stable release by October 10th. This quick test of the beta by LinuxTrends suggests that the new version of Ubuntu might be 'the most user-friendly, full-featured desktop Linux distribution ever.' In addition to showing Ubuntu 10.10's installation process, desktop, menus, and list of default applications, the review touts the benefits of using Ubuntu Tweak to add more functionality and modify various GNOME settings and attributes.

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