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Comment Re:Firearms (Score 1) 340

Depending on how many you are, you will be outgunned in most cases. Besides the US there aren't many places where you are allowed to have guns, especially as a foreign national. Also, you will be searched in certain nations, depending on which nations flag you have and where you are coming from.
So I don't think that guns are a particularly good idea. Many have done it without and most places where piracy is rampant are well known and should be avoided.

Comment Re:I, Caveman (Score 3, Informative) 705

Most serious vegetarians (I consider myself to be one), know full well that only modern methods of science are able to extract needed amounts of protein from plant sources, be it through tofu, seitan, tempeh or else. Humans are not made to be fueled solely by salad and grass.

Bio-availability of plant protein is lower when it is only from one source, and while most people eat a diverse enough mix, one can get problems with it quite easily. But by mixing, this can be greatly improved (as can be witnessed by the protein shakes for body builders that are purely plant based).

Comment Re:Not smart Enough? (Score 1) 1276

In "What does China think", Mark Leonard describes your last idea as currently being tried out in China, especially in the city of Zeguo http://cdd.stanford.edu/polls/china/
Also, china is evaluating other types of democracy, such as inner party democracy, election of lowest (and closest to the people) levels, or consultations (all significant decisions are open to everyone) in Chonqying, a city with over 30 million inhabitants, making it larger than most countries in Europe. Of course, in China with all it's issues of civil rights, there is still a huge amount of influence possible, but I think all of these are fascinating developments.

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