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Comment Re:Not this again. (Score 1) 618

In this case (with no idea of his country, but as his non-american-fellowman) I really would prefer that. I flame Americans/Yanks now and then, but I never do it claiming that a person is bad/sucks/whatever because his American, or generalize some common things I criticize about American culture or people to be all targets of what I criticize.

Also I accept that there are things to criticize about any country, mine too...

Comment Re:"Real GB" or "marketing GB"? (Score 1) 618

Was there GiB's (or rather MiB's, gigabyte drives were not common yet) when HD manufacturers started using 1000-base (and that weird 1024*1000 on floppies - what's that about then?)? And was 1024 for kilo already used on computers - like HD manufacturers knew - for pretty much anything, right or wrong?

So what was their motive? To use units that people understood? Ha...

Comment Re:I almost hope they do it... (Score 1) 171

What the fuck are you smoking? I watched that video, and maybe you should too before you reply.

Now I didn't plan to take part on this argument and all I'm saying here is that the video clearly is not about what you think it is - and it's title is some kind of stupid scam (not clever scam, there's nothing "clever" about posting video about X and claiming it's about Y).

Comment Re:use (Score 1) 274

Funny that Finnish universities teach computing science, or "Tietojenkäsittelytiede" (engl. computer science, computing science or information processing science)


Software engineering is the study of designing, implementing, and modifying software in order to ensure it is of high quality, affordable, maintainable, and fast to build. It is a systematic approach to software design, involving the application of engineering practices to software. Software engineering deals with the organizing and analyzing of software— it doesn't just deal with the creation or manufacture of new software, but its internal maintenance and arrangement. Both computer applications software engineers and computer systems software engineers are projected to be among the fastest growing occupations from 2008 and 2018.

Comment Re:Real artists ship. (Score 1) 274

A developer friend of mine was editing some C source in emacs, when he somehow finger-flubbed a command that not only UPPERCASEd his ENTIRE source; but then SAVED WITHOUT PROMPTING.

Did he try C-_ ? I haven't made an editing error that's not possible to undo with emacs yet... And yes, it can cause big things you didn't mean to if you enter wrong key combo - anyone who knows emacs knows this and has decided to use it despise that. If they don't know how to *undo an editing command* then that's just stupid - to use emacs for anything important that is. In fact using any editor without knowing how to undo would be.

To this day, he won't touch emacs. Can't say as I blame him.

I would blame myself, were I him.

Hell, even the OS X "Aqua-fied" emacs is nearly impossible to use. It doesn't matter HOW "powerful" something is (especially something like a TEXT EDITOR, for fuck's sake!), if you have to spend YEARS learning it.

It didn't take me one year to learn use it more powerfully than other editors I had tried. My general take on editor wars is: *pffft* - but blaming editor for it's features - instead of just deciding that those features have cons that make it not good for you personally - is just silly. Not saying that all your arguments were just that - but your main ones seemed to be.

Yeah, I like emacs, as you probably guessed, but it's rare for me to enter any editor war kind of talk even this deeply. I'll probably regret it.

Comment Re:Absurd (Score 1) 274

While I have no idea what, if anything specific, HURD is targeted at, I have to say about Linux that considering work on hardware support and other stuff that clearly is not something you need on servers or embedded devices, desktops (and pretty much anything they can make it run on) are very much ongoing "target" of Linux. I believe Linux targets anything it can/could be useful on.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 274

While it was news to me (thank you), the article actually said only this about linux drivers:
"...there is a ported Linux 2.6.32 drivers layer for network adapters...",
and for fuller quote of that paragraph:

The current state of GNU/Hurd when it comes to hardware support is that the kernel is i686 capable, there is a ported Linux 2.6.32 drivers layer for network adapters, basic support for IDE / SCSI / PCMCIA / Xorg, and Xen PV DomU support. Among the major lacking features though is no support at all right now for USB, sound, and Serial ATA drives.

Comment Re:about the same as my fembots (Score 1) 587

This site is full of that, it sickens me.

Then leave you fool, or stop letting it bother you. IMO, Life's too short to be annoyed / pissed off all the time. Honestly I was just joking.

I didn't mean to sound as strong as I likely did - it probably seems like I have an issue that actually makes me feel constantly pissed off when on this site.
It's much milder than that.
Also, apologies for misunderstanding your humor. My message however was not meant as direct attack against yours and very much general, not personal - that too might have not been obvious from my post.

I do get annoyed by people who seem to be unable to *not* misunderstand others posts on purpose and then making argument based on that - but not so much it keeps me pissed off. I choose to stay because I get way more good than bad vibes out of this site ;)

"Fuck 'em if they can't take a Joke"

I did mis-read the comment the 1st time through, and then just responded under that interpretation when I realized it could be taken both ways due to the run-on sentence; It wasn't clear which way was meant. No, really, if you're lexing that sentence as you go you don't realize it could be taken an alternate way until the "for free" part that comes later -- It wasn't a deliberate miss-read, it was the only way to read it, temporally.

I hear you.
I repeat my apology and swear that it was not intended as personal attack on you but born of frustration from posts that take the issue I complained about into a whole other level :p

P.S. Language Nerds existed well before Sheldon Cooper, as did exaggerators such as yourself. Being "sickened" about comments such as these this late in the game seems like a pointless endeavor... That's like being disgusted because gay-bars are full of queers, eh?

Oh, being a bi-sexual I can assure gay-bars are not (always anyway) full of queers only ;)
Oh, and that Sheldon reference was just something that came into my mind that moment - to actually try not sound as serious as I obviously did.
But may I offer a virtual hand-shake on this? It's clearly not you I have any beef with (and my post did come out sounding much more exaggerator-like than I meant to ) :)

Comment Re:This is bollocks (Score 1) 178

Mostly true and/or agree, but - just for example - every ARM system in future which is of no use but could be repurposed by someone if it only had unlocked bootloader is a sad failure and wrong on more than one level.
Or if the version of windows install it has is messed and all you'd need was re-install but the version isn't supported anymore... or... you keep on.

The fact is that in the end of Win ARM devices use a number of them will have possible other uses they could be useful for, but unless the lock-in can be broken they will be just bricks - only worse as waste.

Comment Re:I envy some users of ancient phones (Score 1) 587

Perhaps it would go down easier if we stopped calling them phones, and started calling portable communication and computation devices. THe 'phones' of today are anything BUT phones. It's like calling a desktop with a modem a phone. You could use it as one, but that is not what it is.

Funny how my dumbphone (which I don't think is that dumb just because it's limited to Java Mobile for applications [actually called that, not "apps", by the phone] - heck, they eventually changed from their native ran crappy browser to Opera Mini, even though it needs to run with J2ME penalty, so it can't be that bad...]) has actually more in common with our desktop PC from '91 + modem (although, for most parts, the phone outperforms the old PC) than with our phone from 91.
Now comparison of modern cell phone to not only analog but also land-line phone is unfair - but so is comparison of modern mobile computer to early 90's desktop PC :) ...and it really has meaning only for humoring ourselves.

But the point holds - phones have long become more than just phones. Even most basic dumbphones have non-phone related (phonebook, etc. are phone features) features, even if just stuff like electric calendar. It's actually hard to find phones that *don't* support 3rd party applications which most of the time have nothing to do with phoning.
I like it, but I hope the simpler dumbphones will stick around - and that "touch-screen only" never becomes the only option.

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