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Comment Re:Short story: See to what Linus responds (Score 2) 641

It's a *kernel parameter* to enable debug log printing, not "some legacy cruft" that's been deprecated or supported for whatever (er, what backwards compatibility would it preserve? Kernel developers would change it if they would think there were any good reasons for *debug* *kernel* *parameter* to enable debug printing).

systemd is outside kernel, but it is launched by kernel and as such the developers can pass parameters to it only via kernel command line - However there is specifically a method meant for this: Linux kernel passes parameters it doesn't understand to other programs and ignores them. To enable systemd debug log you should use something like systemd.debug instead. There's no fricking way that outside kernel code, that is *user space application* should ever be able to dictate over standardized kernel design. That's just stupid, and any system started by kernel could potentially start using known parameters for their own purposes that differ from the kernel's, and it would be right for the kernel developers to deprecate that parameter - which would be really confusing to users anyway, kernel documentation saying one thing and some non-kernel stuff saying other...

Comment Re:informal poll (Score 1) 641

\o. It's the best system available for my preferences AFAIK. I have several systems, ranging from netbook to servers and I've used linux as internet server (HTTP,SSH), LAN (samba,vnc,X,etc.), gaming (though mostly via wine, dosbox or some console/oldtech emulator), multimedia/entertainment system, etc... you name it.

Comment Re:Bullshit Made Up Language (Score 1) 512

Of course, the universal translator deals with simpler versions of this every week. The premise is that the translator can deal with simpler symbolic translation of words from direct context, but can't deal with the deeper metaphore-based communications. For a popular mass media show, that's a pretty subtle idea. If you're going to quibble about that, you shouldn't bother watching anything on TV - none of it stands up to really deep digging, because they're trying to tell entertaining stories to normal people in 44 minutes (or 22 minutes), not publish defensible scientific thesis. :-)

This... It's always fun to ponder and speculate on how something could be possible in a world of TV show X, or even criticize them, but sometimes I think people take these things way too seriously - like letting relatively minor issues (really, they are minor now matter how big they feel to some - it is just entertainment after all) spoil the whole episode for them.

Comment Re:Okay (Score 1) 517

I recall a study where it was found that people who were optimistic and believed that they will overcome cancer were significantly more likely to do so than those who had given up and at most believed that the treatment might give them some more time.

Now this wasn't about placebo effect and I'm certainly not suggesting placebo as cancer treatment or giving up proper treatment if you feel positive enough that you'll "get over it anyway" ;) Just wanted to point this out after seeing so many posts where placebo is attributed having effect only for "sickness of mind" (like depression, etc.) or how good/bad you feel (ie. making you feel better even though your still just as close to death). It feels obvious to me (yes, I know this should not be a substitute for scientific facts) that your mind is connected to your immune system and can effects on it. I guess I'm only saying that this should be taken into account when considering placebo effect also - and most certainly in actual treatment for serious illness (ie. insisting that you're most likely gonna die can be detrimental to your chances of getting better).

Comment Re:Have we said the same thing? (Score 1) 878

"He pointed out that the KGB had a file on Putin long before he became the glorious leader which included a personality profile. The KGB had determined that Putin had an unusually low sense of danger, the kind of guy that thinks he can get away with just about anything, and that might include launching a nuclear first strike against America." [citation needed]

Not that I doubt that could very well possible...

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