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Comment Re:Boxee Owner (Score 1) 77

I would love to read your reply but all I see is a wall of text. Learn to use paragraphs please.

Fixed it for you:

As a Boxee Box owner from almost day 1 of its release, I would say they finally made it out of the alpha stage and into the beta.

  While I love it, it is still riddled with bugs and poor design choices. Plus, as a non US resident (like the other 90% of the planet), Hulu (which btw, doesn't exist on Boxee), Netflix and Vudu mean nothing to me.
  I originally bought the Boxee Box because I believed it would be more open (ie. the firmware being open to hacking), as opposed to the other options where they are based off closed sourced code exclusively.

Sadly this isn't the case. While I'm able to download the source for Boxee and fix the bugs, I'm unable to apply these fixes to my Boxee Box to make sure they are working 100%. This disappoints me.
I can understand their need to make the content providers like Netflix and Vudu feel safe, but what about the other 90% of the market that has no access to these features?
Why not go the Chrome route where you have one official build that supports the American content, and then still allow the Chromium builds that exclude the propriety stuff for a more community driven endeavor?

I actually see the with rage when I hear the Boxee team praising their support for American video service X.
So what?
Many other devices on the market already have that ... it isn't anything new.
They are only diverting resources and alienating non US based residents to support the minority.
And don't even get me started on them supporting new devices when they can't even get their flagship product working properly...

Submission + - Company that stalked Anonymous owned ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: It appears that the company that had stalked anonymous (see previous stories on the topic) has been hacked over the weekend. Anonymous seems to have compromised the full corporate mailspool of HBGary Federal, and published it on BitTorrent.

Submission + - Robotic road trains (

An anonymous reader writes: A European project is looking at how automated road trains can be deployed using existing production car technology combined with specially-developed transponders and control systems. It's being tested in Sweden and there are plans to trial the tech further in 2011.

Submission + - HTC Android Vulnerability found (

M10 writes: Just before Christmas we ran into a vulnerability on a number of HTC Android phones. We informed HTC and the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority, and waited to get it fixed. Now it's time to go public and allow you to check whether your phone is vulnerable.
I came across an interesting behavior while doing some research regarding what kind of information one can access on an HTC Desire Z Android phone. A simple application with no permission to reboot the phone managed to do just that by simply reading a specific file on the phone. This turned out to be a kernel bug that could, with the help of another more serious vulnerability, be triggered also remotely when user visits a malicious website. The problem seems to only affect HTC phones, the mainline Android kernel is apparently unaffected.
More here:

Comment Re:Oh wow. (Score 1) 642

Yes of course they are... every time I want to go to youtube I accidentally type instead, or or The keys are so close....

And when I want to go to I type instead.

Kids should learn to type, or their parents should block the content if they don't monitor their childs Internet usage already.

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